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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of gingival microvessels by capillaroscopy in healthy subjects 1-set-2016 Pellegrini GaiaIngegnoli FrancescaCanciani ElenaBegnoni GiacomoMusto FedericaMondella GianlucaDellavia Claudia Article (author) -
Quantitative assessment of steatosis in liver transplantation by morphometric analysis 1-gen-2010 M. VertematiM. GoffrediM. CossaL. Vizzotto + Article (author) -
Quantitative changes in mitochondria of spinal ganglion neurons in aged rabbits 1-gen-2001 M. LeddaC. MartinelliE. Pannese Article (author) -
Quantitative reduction of the perineuronal glial sheath in the spinal ganglia of aged rabbits 1-gen-1996 E. PanneseC. MartinelliP. Sartori Article (author) -
RAGs and BUGS : an alliance for autoimmunity 1-gen-2016 R. RigoniF. GrassiB. Cassani + Article (author) -
Ratios between number of neuroglial cells and number and volume of nerve cells in the spinal ganglia of two species of reptiles and three species of mammals 1-feb-2004 M. LeddaS. De PaloE. Pannese Article (author) -
Rebalancing expression of HMGB1 redox isoforms to counteract muscular dystrophy 2-giu-2021 Saclier M.Bianchi M. E. + Article (author) -
Recombinant C1 Inhibitor in Brain Ischemic Injury 1-gen-2009 Fantin A + Article (author) -
Red blood cells protect albumin from cigarette smoke–induced oxidation 1-gen-2012 G. ColomboN. GaglianoN.M. PortinaroR. ColomboA.D.G. MilzaniI. Dalle-Donne + Article (author) -
Reduced biliary sterol output with no change in total faecal excretion in mice expressing a human apolipoprotein A-I variant 1-gen-2012 Parolini C.Caligari S.Gilio D.Manzini S.Busnelli M.Diani E.Giavarini F.Caruso D.Sirtori C. R.Chiesa G. + Article (author) -
Relazioni quantitative fra cellule satelliti e neuroni nei gangli spinali di alcune specie di vertebrati 1-gen-2003 M. LeddaS. De PaloE. Pannese Article (author) -
Release of human cytomegalovirus from latency by a KAP1/TRIM28 phosphorylation switch 1-apr-2015 Cassano M + Article (author) -
Relevant role of repeated intreperitoneally treatment with CpG-ODN in mice bearing advanced-stage of human ovarian carcinomas 1-set-2009 L. SfondriniF. BianchiC. RumioA. Balsari + Article (author) -
Remodelling of cardiac extracellular matrix during b-adrenergic stimulation: up-regulation of SPARC in the myocardium of adult rats 1-gen-1998 B. ArosioN. Gagliano + Article (author) -
Repairing skeletal muscle : regenerative potential of skeletal muscle stem cells 1-gen-2010 G. MessinaG. Cossu + Article (author) -
Reporter-based isolation of developmental myogenic progenitors 5-apr-2018 Messina, GraziellaCossu, Giulio + Article (author) -
Repressor element-1 silencing transcription factor (REST) is present in human control and Huntington’s disease neurones 1-dic-2014 P. ConfortiE. CattaneoC. Zuccato + Article (author) -
Reprogramming of pericyte-derived cells of the adult human brain into induced neuronal cells 4-ott-2012 M.A. KhanG. Cossu + Article (author) -
Reprogramming the lung microenvironment by inhaled immunotherapy fosters immune destruction of tumor 1-nov-2016 LE NOCI, VALENTINO MARIOM. SommarivaA. BalsariL. Sfondrini + Article (author) -
Response of human pulps capped with PDGF. Pilot study 1-set-2011 G. PellegriniC. DellaviaC. AllieviG. Rasperini + Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 524 a 543 di 651
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