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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Age-related decrease of the perineuronal satellite cell number in the rabbit spinal ganglia 1-gen-1997 E. PanneseM. LeddaC. MartinelliP. Sartori Article (author) -
Age-related quantitative changes in mitochondria of satellite cell sheaths enveloping spinal ganglion neurons in the rabbit 15-lug-2003 C. MartinelliP. SartoriM. LeddaE. Pannese Article (author) -
Aging is associated with a decrease of the Golgi apparatus volume in the rabbit spinal ganglion neurons 1-gen-2006 L. AltieriS. De PaloL. BarniM. Ledda Article (author) -
Aging is associated with an increase in dye coupling and in gap junction number in satellite glial cells of murine dorsal root ganglia 1-gen-2006 M. LeddaS. De PaloE. Pannese + Article (author) -
AIRE is expressed and associated with good prognosis in breast cancer 1-lug-2016 M. SommarivaC. StortiA. BalsariL. Sfondrini + Article (author) -
Alendronate impairs epithelial adhesion, differentiation and proliferation in human oral mucosa 1-gen-2014 E. DonettiA. GualerziA. SardellaG. LodiA. CarrassiC. Sforza Article (author) -
Alpha Sarcoglycan is required for bFGF-dependent myogenic progenitor cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo 1-giu-2010 Cassano M + Article (author) -
Alteration of cardiac progenitors in GRMD dogs 1-apr-2012 CASSANO M + Article (author) -
Altered peripheral myelination in GABA-B1-receptor knockout mice 1-gen-2008 M. BallabioM. ColleoniG. LauriaP. ProcacciV. Magnaghi + Conference Object -
Altered peripheral myelination in mice lacking GABAB receptors 1-mar-2008 V. MagnaghiM. BallabioM. ColleoniA. ConsoliG. LauriaM. MottaP. ProcacciA.E. Trovato + Article (author) -
Alveolar bone augmentation: histological evaluation of graft remodelling correlated to volumetric ridge alteration 1-gen-2010 C.P.B. DellaviaG. PellegriniL.T. Huanca GhilanzoniR. RosatiV.F. Ferrario + Article (author) -
Alveolar socket preservation technique : effect of biomaterial on bone regenerative pattern 1-gen-2016 G. PellegriniE. CancianiE. GallieraC. Dellavia + Article (author) -
Amniotic fluid-derived mesenchymal stem cells lead to bone differentiation when cocultured with dental pulp stem cells 1-gen-2011 Paino, Francesca + Article (author) -
AMPK Activation Regulates LTBP4-Dependent TGF-β1 Secretion by Pro-inflammatory Macrophages and Controls Fibrosis in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 1-nov-2018 Saclier M. + Article (author) -
An expert system aimed to automatic diagnosis in normal microanatomy. 1, The flow chart of a decision tree 1-gen-2003 L. VizzottoC. DolciE. DonettiM. GoffrediP. Procacci Article (author) -
An expert system aimed to automatic diagnosis in normal microanatomy. 2, An interactive, web available model for guided description and diagnosis 1-gen-2003 M. GoffrediC. DolciE. DonettiP. ProcacciL. Vizzotto Article (author) -
Analysis of histological and immunohistochemical pattern of hepatocellular carcinoma expressing cytokeratin 7 by computerized morphometry 1-mar-2011 M. VertematiC. MoscheniM. CossaM. GoffrediL. Vizzotto + Article (author) -
Anatomia del Gray : Le basi Anatomiche per la pratica clinica 1-gen-2017 G. SerraoM. Vertemati + Book (editor) -
Anatomia Umana 1-gen-2019 C. DolciN. GaglianoC. RumioM. C. Turci + Book (editor) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 651
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