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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Toward understanding the role of CYP78A9 during Arabidopsis reproduction 1-gen-2013 Cucinotta M.Colombo Lucia + Article (author) -
Transcript profiling of transcription factor genes during silique development in Arabidopsis 1-gen-2004 L. ColomboA. Losa + Article (author) -
A transcription factor coordinating internode elongation and photoperiodic signals in rice 1-apr-2019 Gómez-Ariza, JorgeBrambilla, VittoriaLandini, MartinaCerise, MartinaShrestha, RoshiChiozzotto, RemoGalbiati, FrancescaCaporali, ElisabettaFornara, Fabio + Article (author) -
The transcription factors BEL1 and SPL are required for cytokinin and auxin signaling during ovule development in arabidopsis 1-lug-2012 S. BencivengaS. SimoniniL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Mechanisms Limit Heading Date 1 (Hd1) Function to Adapt Rice to High Latitudes 1-gen-2017 GORETTI, DANIELAMARTIGNAGO, DAMIANOLANDINI, MARTINAV. BrambillaGOMEZ ARIZA, JORGEN. GnesuttaGALBIATI, FRANCESCAR. MantovaniF. Fornara + Article (author) -
Transcriptome Landscape Variation in the Genus Thymus 16-ago-2019 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Transcriptomic Analysis of Olea europaea L. Roots during the Verticillium dahliae Early Infection Process 1-gen-2017 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Transcriptomic analysis of Petunia hybrida in response to salt stress using high throughput RNA sequencing 1-gen-2014 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Transcriptomic signature of the SHATTERPROOF2 expression domain reveals the meristematic nature of arabidopsis gynoecial medial domain 1-mag-2016 S. ManriqueL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Transcriptomic Signatures in Seeds of Apple (Malus domestica L. Borkh) during Fruitlet Abscission 17-mar-2015 M.A. MendesS. MasieroL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Transcriptomics-based screen for genes induced by flagellin and repressed by pathogen effectors identifies a cell wall-associated kinase involved in plant immunity 1-gen-2013 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Transgenic containment system through the recoverable inhibition of the germination in transgenic seeds 31-dic-2008 M.M. KaterL. ColomboM. ColomboS. MasieroR. Battaglia Patent -
Transgenic poplar against Lepidoptera : an Italy-China project for biosafety and conservation 18-giu-2007 Barbara ManachiniFrancesco Sala + Book Part (author) -
Transpositional behaviour of Ac/Ds system for reverse Genetics in rice 1-gen-2003 C. FavalliL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Transposon activation is a major driver in the genome evolution of cultivated olive trees (Olea europaea L.) 1-mar-2020 Bombarely Gomez A. + Article (author) -
Two alien invasive acacias in Italy : Differences and similarities in their flowering and insect visitors 1-gen-2016 C. Giuliani + Article (author) -
Typha latifolia and Thelypteris palustris behavior in a pilot system for the refinement of livestock wastewaters : A case of study 1-feb-2020 Stroppa, NadiaOnelli, ElisabettaHejna, MonikaRossi, LucianaBaldi, AntonellaMoscatelli, Alessandra + Article (author) -
Ultrastructural evaluation of the glandular indumentum in selected Lamiaceae species 22-set-2016 C. GiulianiG. Fico + Conference Object -
Unravelling biology and ecology of the endangered endemic alpine plant Androsace brevis (Hegetschw.) Cesati (Primulaceae) by a multidisciplinary approach 1-gen-2021 Bonelli M.Eustacchio E.Melotto A.Mangili F.Gobbi M.Beretta M.Gatti E.Onelli E.Gianfranceschi L.Casartelli M.Caccianiga M. + Article (author) -
An Update of Anthraquinone Derivatives Emodin, Diacerein, and Catenarin in Diabetes 20-set-2021 Sara Vitalini + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 450 a 469 di 479
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