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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
The rise and rise of nicotiana benthamiana : a plant for all reasons 1-gen-2018 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
The RNA dependent DNA methylation pathway is required to restrict SPOROCYTELESS/NOZZLE expression to specify a single female germ cell precursor in Arabidopsis 1-gen-2020 Mendes, Marta APetrella, RosannaCucinotta, MaraGatti, StefanoGregis, VeronicaColombo, Lucia + Article (author) -
A role for oxidative stress in the Citrus limon/Phoma tracheiphila interaction 1-feb-2008 Betti, Camilla + Article (author) -
Roses for Darwin 1-lug-2018 Bombarely, Aureliano Article (author) -
ROSINA (RSI), a novel protein with DNA-binding capacity, acts during floral organ development in Antirrhinum majus 1-gen-2005 S. Masiero + Article (author) -
Ruolo della sfogliatura sul potenziale polifenolico della bacca 20-mag-2005 E. CaporaliO. FaillaA. Scienza Article (author) -
Salinity effects on germination, seedlings and full-grown plants of upland and lowland switchgrass cultivars 1-gen-2019 Lambertini C. + Article (author) -
Salt tolerance and Na allocation in sorghum bicolor under variable soil and water salinity 1-gen-2020 Lambertini C. + Article (author) -
Santalum genus : phytochemical constituents, biological activities and health promoting-effects 7-set-2022 Varoni, Elena MariaIriti, Marcello + Article (author) -
Search for genes involved in asparagus sex determination 1-gen-1999 E. CaporaliA. Spada + Book Part (author) -
Seasonality of fine root dynamics and activity of root and shoot vascular cambium in a Quercus ilex L. forest (Italy) 1-gen-2019 E. Onelli + Article (author) -
Seduzione repulsione : quello che le piante non dicono 1-nov-2016 A. RonchiG. Fico + Book (author) -
Seed abscission and fruit dehiscence required for seed dispersal rely on similar genetic networks 10-ago-2016 M. Di MarzoS. MasieroL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Seed maturation in Arabidopsis thaliana is characterized by nuclear size reduction and increased chromatin condensation 13-dic-2011 BRAMBILLA, VITTORIA FRANCESCA + Article (author) -
Seed-Specific Expression of Apolipoprotein A-I Milano Dimer in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Transgenic Lines 9-giu-2021 Reggi, SerenaOnelli, ElisabettaMoscatelli, AlessandraStroppa, NadiaDell’Anno, MatteoRossi, Luciana + Article (author) -
SEEDSTICK Controls Arabidopsis Fruit Size by Regulating Cytokinin Levels and FRUITFULL 29-gen-2020 Di Marzo, MaurizioCaporali, ElisabettaEzquer, IgnacioMendes, Marta A.Colombo, Lucia + Article (author) -
SEEDSTICK is a master regulator of development and metabolism in the Arabidopsis seed coat 18-dic-2014 C. MizzottiI. EzquerM.M. KaterE. CaporaliL. Colombo. + Article (author) -
Selective knockdowns in maize by sequence-specific protein aggregation 1-gen-2018 Betti C + Book Part (author) -
Selective phytotoxic activity of eugenol towards monocot and dicot target species 19-mar-2022 Sara VitaliniFrancesca OrlandoMarcello Iriti Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 372 a 391 di 479
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