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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Plant domestication, the brave old world of genetic modification 1-feb-2018 Piero A. Morandini + Article (author) -
Plant Flowering : Imposing DNA Specificity on Histone-Fold Subunits 1-apr-2018 GnesuttaNerina*; MantovaniRoberto; Fornara Article (author) -
Plant immunity & crop yield: a sustainable approach in agri-food system 3-feb-2021 Marcello IritiSara Vitalini Article (author) -
Plant lateral organs: development, growth and ufe span 10-dic-2018 GALLIANI, BIANCA MARIA Doctoral Thesis -
Plant phase transitions make a SPLash 21-ago-2009 F. Fornara + Article (author) -
Plant-produced potato virus X chimeric particles displaying an influenza virus-derived peptide activate specific CD8+ T cells in mice 13-ago-2009 Betti C + Article (author) -
Plants and flower-visiting arthropods in mountain ecosystems : the case study of the alpine species Androsace brevis (Primulaceae) 1-dic-2020 E. EustacchioM. BonelliL. GianfranceschiM. CasartelliM. Caccianiga + Conference Object -
Plastidial phosphoglucose isomerase is an important determinant of seed yield through involvement in gibberellin-mediated reproductive development and biosynthesis of storage reserves in Arabidopsis 1-set-2018 Ezquer, IgnacioCaporali, ElisabettaMendes, Marta Adelina + Article (author) -
A PLENA-like gene of peach is involved in carpel formation and subsequent transformation into a fleshy fruit 1-gen-2009 E. CaporaliL. Colombo + Article (author) -
POLAR-guided signalling complex assembly and localization drive asymmetric cell division 1-gen-2018 Betti C + Article (author) -
Pollen grain development is compromised in Arabidopsis agp6 agp11 null mutants 1-gen-2009 M.A. Mendes + Article (author) -
The pollen tube growth : functional role of a methionine synthase homolog 1-gen-2005 A. Moscatelli + Conference Object -
Pollen tube growth: a delicate equilibrium between secretory and endocytic pathways 1-gen-2009 A. MoscatelliA.I. Idilli Article (author) -
A possible endophytic symbiont of Androsace brevis (Hegetschw.) Cesati (Primulaceae) 1-lug-2020 M BonelliE EustacchioM CaccianigaL Gianfranceschi + Conference Object -
Post-translational redox modification of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in response to light is not a major determinant of fine regulation of transitory starch accumulation in arabidopsis leaves 1-gen-2012 I. Ezquer + Article (author) -
Preliminary results on the effect of transgenic apple encoding a cysteine proteinase inhibitor against Melolontha melolontha L. (Coleptera scarabaeidae ) on non target arthropods 18-giu-2007 B. ManachiniF. Sala + Book Part (author) -
Preserving and Promoting the Herbarium of the University of Milan through Digital Technologies 12-nov-2020 Adriano BaratèMarco CaccianigaElisabetta CaporaliLuca Andrea LudovicoGiorgio PrestiEnrico SalaAntonella Testa + Article (author) -
Prevention of decay and maintenance of bioactive compounds in strawberry by application of UV-C and essential oils 1-dic-2021 Marcello IritiSara Vitalini + Article (author) -
A procedure for Dex-induced gene transactivation in Arabidopsis ovules 29-mar-2022 Mendes, Marta A + Article (author) -
Production of cecropin A in transgenic rice plants has an impact on host gene expression 1-gen-2008 Manrique, Silvia + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 332 a 351 di 479
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