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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
Jasmonates, Ethylene and Brassinosteroids Control Adventitious and Lateral Rooting as Stress Avoidance Responses to Heavy Metals and Metalloids 8-gen-2021 Betti C + Article (author) -
Jasmonic acid methyl ester induces xylogenesis and modulates auxin-induced xylary cell identity with NO involvement 10-set-2019 Falasca, GiuseppinaAltamura, Maria MaddalenaBetti, Camilla + Article (author) -
L'Orto Botanico di Brera = Brera Botanical Garden 1-gen-2019 A. TestaCACCIA, PAOLAPURICELLI, CRISTINAMartin Kater + Book (author) -
La riscoperta del luppolo in Italia : studi morfologici e fitochimici 1-gen-2014 L. SantagostiniE. CaporaliM. IritiG. Fico + Conference Object -
Laurus nobilis, Salvia sclarea and Salvia officinalis Essential Oils and Hydrolates: Evaluation of Liquid and Vapor Phase Chemical Composition and Biological Activities 6-apr-2021 Sara Vitalini + Article (author) -
Leaf morphology and carbon isotope discrimination values in eyebane (Euphorbia maculata L.) 1-gen-1999 CARRARO, LUISA MARIAG. PatrignaniE. Onelli + Article (author) -
Linkage arrangement of RFLP loci in progenies from crosses between doubled haploid Asparagus officinalis L. clones 1-gen-1995 E. CaporaliA. Spada + Article (author) -
Live and let die : a REM complex promotes fertilization through synergid cell death in Arabidopsis 1-ago-2016 M.A. MendesR. GuerraP. MorandiniS. Manrique UrpìL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Localizzazione dei naftodiantroni ipericina e pseudoipericina nelle foglie di Hypericum perforatum L. e variazione dei loro livelli durante lo sviluppo dei noduli fogliari 1-gen-2002 A. GiorgiFERRARIO, MARCELLOE. OnelliA. RivettaM. Cocucci + Book Part (author) -
Loss of floral repressor function adapts rice to higher latitudes in Europe 1-apr-2015 J. Gómez ArizaF. GalbiatiD. GorettiV. BrambillaA. PappollaF. Fornara + Article (author) -
“Love Is Strong, and You're so Sweet” : JAGGER is essential for persistent synergid degeneration and polytubey block in arabidopsis thaliana 4-apr-2016 S. Masiero + Article (author) -
Low concentration of LatB dramatically changes the microtubule organization and the timing of vegetative nucleus/generative cell entrance in tobacco pollen tubes 1-gen-2012 A.I. IdilliE. OnelliA. Moscatelli Article (author) -
Luppolo coltivato in Italia : indagine fitochimica dal campo al boccale di birra 1-gen-2013 S. AraneoL. SantagostiniM. IritiG. Fico + Book Part (author) -
The MADS box gene AOM1 is expressed in reproductive meristems and flowers of the dioecious species Asparagus officinalis 1-gen-2000 E. CaporaliA. SpadaA. LosaG. Marziani Article (author) -
The MADS box genes SEEDSTICK and ARABIDOPSIS Bsister play a maternal role in fertilization and seed development 1-gen-2012 C. MizzottiM.A. MendesE. CaporaliM.M. KaterR. BattagliaL. Colombo + Article (author) -
MADS Domain Transcription Factors Mediate Short-Range DNA Looping That Is Essential for Target Gene Expression in Arabidopsis 1-lug-2013 M.A. Miranda MendesR. GuerraS. MasieroL. FinziM.M. KaterL. Colombo + Article (author) -
MADS-Box and bHLH Transcription Factors Coordinate Transmitting Tract Development in Arabidopsis thaliana 6-mag-2020 Di Marzo, MaurizioRoig-Villanova, IrmaZanchetti, EvaCaselli, FrancescaGregis, VeronicaChiara, MatteoGuazzotti, AndreaCaporali, ElisabettaMendes, Marta AdelinaColombo, LuciaKater, Martin M. + Article (author) -
MADS-box genes controlling flower development in rice 1-gen-2003 F. FornaraG. MarzianiMIZZI, LUCA MARIOM. KaterL. Colombo Article (author) -
MaDS-Box protein complexex control carpel and ovule developmentin Arabidopsis 1-gen-2003 R. BattagliaM. KooikerM. M. KaterL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Man is what he eats. Plant residues from dental calculus in the ancient population of Milano from Roman times to modern age 1-ott-2021 Mattia, MirkoBiehler-Gomez, LuciePalamenghi, AndreaCaccia, GiuliaDe Angelis, DaniloSlavazzi, FabrizioCattaneo, CristinaCaccianiga, Marco + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 230 a 249 di 471
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