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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
The D-lineage MADS-box gene OsMADS13 controls ovule identity in rice 1-gen-2007 DRENI, LUDOVICOJACCHIA, SARAF. FornaraM. FornariL. ColomboM. Kater + Article (author) -
Deciphering the complex leaf transcriptome of the allotetraploid species Nicotiana tabacum : a phylogenomic perspective 1-gen-2012 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Demethylation of oligogalacturonides by FaPE1 in the fruits of the wild strawberry Fragaria vesca triggers metabolic and transcriptional changes associated with defence and development of the fruit 1-gen-2011 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Designing a transcriptome next‐generation sequencing project for a nonmodel plant species1 1-gen-2012 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Detection and localization of pectin methylesterase isoforms in pollen tubes of Nicotiana tabacum L. 1-gen-2002 A. Moscatelli + Article (author) -
Detection of a novel intracellular microbiome hosted in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi 1-feb-2014 S. Epis + Article (author) -
Development of male and female flower in Asparagus officinalis : Search for point of transition from hermaphroditic to unisexual developmental pathway 1-gen-1994 E. CaporaliA. Spada + Article (author) -
Development of molecular markers to assess the level of introgression of Populus tremula into P. alba natural population 1-gen-2004 T. FossatiG. PatrignaniF. SalaS. Castiglione + Article (author) -
The developmental regulator SEEDSTICK controls structural and mechanical properties of the arabidopsis seed coat 1-gen-2016 I. EzquerC. MizzottiE. CaporaliL. Colombo + Article (author) -
Developmental signals in the 21st century; new tools and advances in plant signaling 27-ott-2021 Ezquer, Ignacio + Article (author) -
Didattica diretta e didattica informatica a Cascina Rosa 1-set-2006 SUGNI, MARAG. PatrignaniM. BerettaA. RonchiF. Sala + Conference Object -
Different endocytic pathways require the coordinated action of actin filaments and microtubules in tobacco pollen tube 1-mag-2011 A. MoscatelliA.I. IdilliE. OnelliS. Rodighiero Conference Object -
Differential biodiversity responses between kingdoms (plants, fungi, bacteria and metazoa) along an Alpine succession gradient 1-set-2018 M. MontagnaP. CremonesiS. PierceF. TurriG. Gandini + Article (author) -
Differential expression patterns of Arabinogalactan Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana reproductive tissues 22-lug-2014 S. Masiero + Article (author) -
Dihydroresveratrol type dihydrostilbenoids : chemical diversity, chemosystematics, and bioactivity 1-gen-2018 Vitalini S. + Article (author) -
Dinamiche ed effetti pedogenetici delle specie erbacee pioniere e definitive lungo una cronosequenza glaciale delle Alpi occidentali (Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso) 1-gen-2020 Michele D’Amico + Conference Object -
Dissecting Tissue-Specific Transcriptomic Responses from Leaf and Roots under Salt Stress in Petunia hybrida Mitchell 1-gen-2017 Bombarely, Aureliano + Article (author) -
Distinct endocytic pathways identified in tobacco pollen tubes using charged nanogold 1-gen-2007 A. MoscatelliS. RodighieroE. OnelliN. SantoA. Idilli + Article (author) -
Distinct endocytic pathways were identified in tobacco pollen tubes by using charged nanogold 22-giu-2007 A. MoscatelliE. Onelli + Conference Object -
Distinct endocytotic pathways identified in tobacco pollen tubes by using charged nanogold 20-giu-2007 A. MoscatelliS. RodighieroE. Onelli + Conference Object -
Mostrati risultati da 99 a 118 di 471
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