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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Tipo File Abstract
The O3-Vet project : a veterinary electronic patient record based on the web technology and the ADT-IHE actor for veterinary hospitals 1-gen-2007 M. ZaninelliF.M. TangorraS. CastanoA. FerraraE. FerroP.G. BrambillaS. FaverzaniS. ChinosiP. ScarpaM. Di GiancamilloD.D. ZaniA.L. Zepponi + Article (author) -
On development of agricultural mechanization to ensure a long-term world food supply 1-apr-2002 M. Fiala + Article (author) -
On the Design of the Agri-Food Competition for Robot Evaluation (ACRE) 1-gen-2021 Facchinetti, Davide + Book Part (author) -
On-line monitoring of milk electrical conductivity by fuzzy logic technology to characterise health status in dairy goats 1-apr-2014 M. ZaninelliL. RossiF.M. TangorraA. CostaA. AgazziG. Savoini Article (author) -
Operating cost of milking in automatic and conventional milking systems 1-giu-2017 F.M. TangorraA. CostaE. BerettaM. Lazzari + Book Part (author) -
An operational strategy to produce Bio-hydrogen : the use of digestate for process control 1-nov-2008 A. SchievanoR. ObertiF. Adani + Book Part (author) -
Operative and environmental performance of a hot-foam machine for the herbicide-free weeding of the vineyard 1-gen-2019 Davide FacchinettiJacopo BacenettiLavinia Eleonora GalliDomenico Pessina + Article (author) -
Optical and analogical sensors for crop monitoring in precision viticulture 1-gen-2008 F. MazzettoA. CalcanteA. Mena Conference Object -
Optical device evaluation for early diagnosis in vineyard 1-gen-2011 A. CalcanteA. Mena + Book Part (author) -
Optical Devices Evaluation for Diagnosis of Plasmopara viticola on Vine 1-gen-2011 A. CalcanteA. Mena + Article (author) -
Optical specifications for a proximal sensing approach to monitor the vine water status in a distributed and autonomous fashion 1-dic-2021 Pampuri A.Tugnolo A.Bianchi D.Giovenzana V.Beghi R.Casson A.Brancadoro L.Guidetti R. + Article (author) -
Optical Systems to evaluate the quality of products 1-gen-2004 R. Guidetti Article (author) -
Optical techniques for assessing the fruit maturity stage 1-lug-2002 L. BodriaM. FialaR. GuidettiR. Oberti Book Part (author) -
Optical techniques for rapid quality monitoring along minimally processed fruit and vegetable chain 1-gen-2015 V. GiovenzanaR. BeghiR. CivelliR. Guidetti Article (author) -
Optical techniques to estimate the ripeness of red pigmented fruits 1-gen-2004 L. BodriaM. FialaR. GuidettiR. Oberti Article (author) -
Optimization of the Olive Production Chain through Optical Techniques and Development of New Cost-Effective Optical Systems Inspired by Agriculture 4.0 1-mar-2022 Valentina GiovenzanaAlessia PampuriAlessio TugnoloAndrea CassonRiccardo GuidettiRoberto Beghi Book Part (author) -
Organic production systems : sustainability assessment of rice in Italy 1-gen-2016 J. BacenettiA. FusiM. NegriM. FialaS. Bocchi Article (author) -
Organic rice production systems in Italy: a preliminary environmental assessmet=Risicoltura biologica in nord Italia: prime valutazioni ambientali 1-set-2017 J. BacenettiF. OrlandoS. Bocchi Book Part (author) -
Ottimizzare i tempi nei cantieri di cippatura 1-set-2009 M. FialaJ. Bacenetti Article (author) -
Ottimizzare le lavorazioni : gli spandiconcime minerali 1-apr-2019 D. Lovarelli Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 865 a 884 di 1.386
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