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Academic achievement in Motor Science School in Milan: effect of chronotype 3-lug-2019 Lucia CastelliLetizia GalassoAntonino MulèAndrea CaumoEliana RovedaAngela Montaruli Conference Object -
Influences of physical level and chronotype on sleep during aging 1-set-2019 L. CastelliA. Mule`L. GalassoE. BrunoS. ShokohyarA. MontaruliF. EspositoE. Roveda Article (author) -
Can chronotype affect the rest-activity circadian rhythm in shift workers? 1-set-2019 L. GalassoL. CastelliA. Mule`E. Ce`A. MontaruliF. EspositoE. Roveda Article (author) -
Cardiorespiratory and metabolic responses to different sinusoidal workload 1-set-2019 Sheida ShokohyarMarta BorrelliEmiliano CèChristian DoriaGiuseppe CoratellaStefano LongoAntonino MulèEloisa LimontaSusanna RampichiniFabio Esposito Article (author) -
Rating of perceived exertion in active young people: Effect of chronotype 1-set-2019 A. MulèL. GalassoL. CastelliM. BorrelliA. MontaruliF. EspositoE. Roveda Article (author) -
The multidisciplinary therapy in binge eating disorder is able to influence the interdaily stability and sleep quality? 1-ott-2019 L. GalassoA. MontaruliA. MulèL. CastelliE. BrunoA. CaumoF. EspositoE. Roveda Article (author) -
Effect of chronotype on motor skills specific to soccer in adolescent players 1-gen-2020 Roveda, EMule, AGalasso, LCastelli, LScurati, RMichielon, GEsposito, FCaumo, AMontaruli, A Article (author) -
Physical activity, chronotype and sleep in a sample of Italian elderly population 1-mar-2020 Lucia CastelliLetizia GalassoAntonino MulèEleonora BrunoSheida ShokohyarFabio EspositoAngela MontaruliEliana Roveda Article (author) -
Rest-activity rhythm in breast cancer survivors : an update based on non-parametric indices 24-apr-2020 Galasso, LMontaruli, AMule, ACastelli, LCaumo, AEsposito, FRoveda, E + Article (author) -
Effect of chronotype on rating of perceived exertion in active young people 1-giu-2020 Antonino, Mule'Letizia, GalassoLucia, CastelliVincenzo, CondemiAngela Valentina, BiscontiFabio, EspositoEliana, RovedaAngela, Montaruli Article (author) -
Reduced neuromuscular performance in night shift orthopedic nurses : new insights from a combined electromyographic and force signals approach 30-giu-2020 Cè, EmilianoDoria, ChristianRoveda, ElianaMontaruli, AngelaGalasso, LetiziaCastelli, LuciaMulè, AntoninoLongo, StefanoCoratella, GiuseppeBanfi, GiuseppeEsposito, Fabio + Article (author) -
Breast cancer BRCA 1/2 mutations: Baseline evaluations of physical activity, sleep quality, and chronotype 1-ott-2020 CASTELLI LuciaGALASSO LetiziaMULÈ AntoninoMONTARULI AngelaROVEDA Eliana + Book Part (author) -
Physical activity, chronotype and sleep in metabolic syndrome: Preliminary data 1-ott-2020 GALASSO LetiziaCASTELLI LuciaMULÈ AntoninoROVEDA ElianaMONTARULI Angela + Book Part (author) -
Binge Eating Disorder : What Is the Role of Physical Activity Associated with Dietary and Psychological Treatment? 25-nov-2020 Letizia GalassoAngela MontaruliLucia CastelliAntonino MulèAndrea CaumoEliana RovedaFabio Esposito + Article (author) -
Can habitual physical activity improve anthropometric and metabolic parameters in BRCA 1/2 women? 1-gen-2021 L. GalassoL. CastelliA. Mule'E. RovedaA. Montaruli + Article (author) -
Sleep influeunces VO2MAX, fatigue and mood in active young subjects 1-gen-2021 CASTELLI L.GALASSO L.MULE ANTONINO + Book Part (author) -
Lifestyle of italian sport sciences students during SARS-COV-2 pandemic 1-gen-2021 Mulè AntoninoGalasso LetiziaCastelli LuciaRoveda ElianaMontaruli Angela Book Part (author) -
Differences in Daytime Activity Levels and Daytime Sleep Between Night and Day Duty: An Observational Study in Italian Orthopedic Nurses 26-feb-2021 Roveda ElianaCastelli LuciaGalasso LetiziaMulè AntoninoCè EmilianoCondemi VincenzoMontaruli AngelaEsposito Fabio + Article (author) -
Sex Differences in Rest-Activity Circadian Rhythm in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome 18-mar-2021 Antonino MulèLetizia GalassoLucia CastelliAndrea CaumoFabio EspositoEliana RovedaAngela Montaruli + Article (author) -
Biological rhythm and chronotype : new perspectives in health 24-mar-2021 A. MontaruliL. CastelliA. Mule'R. ScuratiF. EspositoL. GalassoE. Roveda Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 49
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