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Centralization Before the Palace : the EB III–IVA1 Sequence on the Acropolis of Tell Mardikh/Ebla 2018 A. Vacca Book Part (author) -
Building Complexity: Layers from Initial EB IVA2 in Area P South at Ebla 2018 A. Vacca + Book Part (author) -
A oriente del Delta : scritti sull'Egitto ed il Vicino Oriente antico in onore di Gabriella Scandone Matthiae 2018 A. Vacca + Book (editor) -
A Fresh Look at Hama in an Interregional Context : New Data from Phase J Materials in the National Museum of Denmark 2018 A. Vacca + Article (author) -
Indeterminacy and approximation in Mediterranean weight systems in the third and second millennia BC 2018 Vacca Agnese + Book Part (author) -
Breaking down the bullion : The compliance of bullion-currencies with official weight-systems in a case-study from the ancient Near East 2018 A. VaccaL. Peyronel + Article (author) -
The Italian Archaeological Expedition in the Erbil Plain, Kurdistan Region of Iraq : Preliminary Report on the 2016-2018 Excavations at Helawa 2019 L. PeyronelV. OseliniA. Vacca + Article (author) -
Pearls of the past : studies on Near Eastern art and and archaeology in honour of Frances Pinnock 2019 Agnese Vacca + Book (editor) -
Some Reflections about the Chora of Ebla during the EB III and IVA1 Periods 2019 Vacca, A. Book Part (author) -
Alike but Different. Drinking Vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean around 2500-2000 BC 2019 Vacca A. + Book Part (author) -
Argilla di Mesopotamia. Note su alcuni manufatti di epoca protostorica dalla Piana di Erbil, Kurdistan Iracheno 2019 Agnese VaccaSelene Busnelli Article (author) -
The Connections between the Northen and Southern levant during Early Bronze Age III: Reevalutations and new vistas in the light of new data and higher chronologies 2020 A. Vacca + Book Part (author) -
Characterizing the Early Bronze III–IVA1 pottery of the northern Levant through typological and petrographic analyses : The case study of Tell Mardikh/Ebla and Tell Tuqan (Syria) 2020 Vacca, Agnese Article (author) -
The origin of Caliciform Ware in inland Northern Syria during the Mid-third Millennium BC : A view from Tell Mardikh/Ebla and Hama 2020 Agnese Vacca Book Part (author) -
The Italian Archaeological Project in the Erbil Plain (2013-2017) 2020 L. PeyronelA. Vacca Book Part (author) -
Socio-Economic Complexity at the Late Chalcolithic Site of Tell Helawa, Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2020 L. PeyronelA. Vacca Article (author) -
Managing Survey Data from Helawa, Erbil Plain (Kurdistan Region of Iraq) 2020 Agnese Vacca + Book Part (author) -
What Did It Taste Like? Consuming Liquids in 3rd Millennium BC Syria and Mesopotamia 2020 A. Vacca Book Part (author) -
The Early Bronze Age III and IVA1 at Tell Mardikh/Ebla and Its Region : Stratigraphic and Ceramic Sequences 2020 Agnese Vacca Book (author) -
Storia e cronologia della Siria antica 2021 A. Vacca + Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 57
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