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Performance profiling of Standardbred racehorses by means of Treadmill Exercise Testing 29-mag-2017 L. StucchiDOSI, MIRANDAF. Ferrucci Article (author) -
Efficacy of the Administration of a Natural Feed Supplement in the Management of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome in 7 Sport Horses : A Field Trial 1-giu-2017 L. StucchiE. ZuccaG. StancariS. CeriottiB. ConturbaE. FerroF. Ferrucci + Article (author) -
The effect of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage on some performance indices in Standardbred racehorses: preliminary results 14-lug-2017 L. StucchiE. ZuccaS. CeriottiG. StancariB. ConturbaF. Ferrucci Conference Object -
Evaluation of the correlation between laryngohyoid conformation and electromyographic activity of thyrohyoideus muscle in horses with intermittent dorsal displacement of the soft palate (DDSPi) 15-lug-2017 G. StancariE. ZuccaL. StucchiB. ConturbaS. CeriottiE. FerroF. Ferrucci + Conference Object -
Equine dysphagia: a review of 17 cases 6-ott-2017 B. ConturbaSALSECCI, ESTERS. CeriottiL. StucchiG. StancariE. ZuccaF. Ferrucci Conference Object -
Within-breath input impedance by impulse oscillometry in severely asthmatic horses 1-gen-2018 L. StucchiF. Ferrucci + Article (author) -
Nephrotic syndrome in the horse: 2 case reports 1-gen-2018 Stancari GStucchi LZucca EFerrucci F + Conference Object -
Creatine kinase reference intervals at rest and after maximal exercise in Standardbred racehorses 1-gen-2018 L. StucchiG. StancariE. ZuccaF. Ferrucci + Article (author) -
Effect of post-exercise increase in creatine-kinase activity on performance parameters in Standardbred racehorses 12-giu-2018 L StucchiF Ferrucci + Article (author) -
Evaluation of cardiac arrhythmias before, during and after treadmill exercise testing in poorly performing standardbred racehorses 20-giu-2018 E. ZuccaE. AlbertiG. StancariL. StucchiB. ConturbaE. FerroF. Ferrucci Book Part (author) -
Agreement between different methods to calculate lactate threshold in standardbred racehorses 20-giu-2018 L. StucchiG. StancariB. ConturbaE. ZuccaF. Ferrucci + Book Part (author) -
Implementation of ultrasound-based technique for the assessment of muscle glycogen depletion after exercise in horses: preliminary results 20-giu-2018 G. StancariE. ZuccaL. StucchiE. FerroF. Ferrucci + Book Part (author) -
Insights into animal models for cell-based therapies in translational studies of lung diseases : is the horse with naturally occurring asthma the right choice? 1-mag-2019 Lange-Consiglio, AnnaStucchi, LucaZucca, EnricaCremonesi, FaustoFerrucci, Francesco + Article (author) -
Evaluation of indirect blood pressure in horses with aortic regurgitation 1-giu-2019 Elena AlbertiGiovanni StancariLuca StucchiBianca ConturbaElisabetta FerroFrancesco FerrucciEnrica Zucca Conference Object -
Effect of lung inflammation on lactate threshold in standardbred racehorses with moderate equine asthma 20-giu-2019 Stucchi L.Alberti E.Stancari G.Conturba B.Zucca E.Ferrucci F. Conference Object -
Indirect blood pressure measurement in horses: is there an influence of age, sex, breed, bodyweight and cardiac diseases on pressure values? 1-ago-2019 Alberti, ElenaStucchi, LucaStancari, GiovanniFerro, ElisabettaFerrucci, FrancescoZucca, Enrica Article (author) -
The relationship between lung inflammation and aerobic threshold in standardbred racehorses with mild-moderate equine asthma 1-ago-2020 Stucchi L.Alberti E.Stancari G.Conturba B.Zucca E.Ferrucci F. Article (author) -
Evaluation of a smartphone-based electrocardiogram device accuracy in field and in hospital conditions in horses 1-dic-2020 Elena AlbertiLuca StucchiValeria PesceGiovanni StancariElisabetta FerroFrancesco FerrucciEnrica Zucca Article (author) -
Equine multisystemic eosinophilic epitheliotropic disease in two horses in Italy 1-gen-2021 L. StucchiC. M. Lo FeudoA. SerraP. RiccaboniE. ZuccaF. Ferrucci + Article (author) -
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