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Horizontal inequity estimation : the issues of close equals identification 2013 A. Vernizzi + Article (author) -
Demographic trends and personal income tax in Italy in the context of raising children 2013 A. Vernizzi + Article (author) -
On measuring inequity in taxation among groups of income units 2013 M.G. MontiA. Vernizzi + Article (author) -
Some considerations on measuring the progressive principle violations and the potential equity in income tax systems 2013 A. Vernizzi + Article (author) -
Decomposition of family incomes by income sources, geographical areas and the issue of negative income values 2014 A. VernizziM. MontiE. RaffinettiE. Siletti Book Part (author) -
Inequality measures and the issue of negative income 2014 E. RaffinettiE. SilettiA. Vernizzi Book Part (author) -
How to deal with negative values in the calculation of the Gini coefficient 2015 E. RaffinettiE. SilettiA. Vernizzi Conference Object -
On the Gini coefficient normalization when attributes with negative values are considered 2015 E. RaffinettiE. SilettiA. Vernizzi Article (author) -
Analyzing the Effects of Negative and Non-negative Values on Income Inequality: Evidence from the Survey of Household Income and Wealth of the Bank of Italy (2012) 2017 E. RaffinettiE. SilettiA. Vernizzi Article (author) -
Decomposition and normalization of absolute differences, when positive and negative values are considered: applications to the Gini coefficient 2017 A. Vernizzi + Article (author) -
The Gini coefficient and the case of negative values 2019 F. De BattistiA. Vernizzi + Article (author) -
A note on the maximum value of the Kakwani index 2020 Vernizzi, Achille + Article (author) -
The Zenga Equality Curve: A New Approach to Measuring Tax Redistribution and Progressivity 2021 Vernizzi, Achille + Article (author) -
On measuring axiom violations due to each tax instrument applied in a real-world personal income tax 2023 Vernizzi, Achille + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 34 di 34
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