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Aerobic solid-state processes to mitigate greenhouses gas emission in municipal solid waste management 1-gen-2010 B. SCAGLIAV. ORZIF. ADANI Book Part (author) -
Rock weathering creates oases of life in a high arctic desert 1-gen-2010 S. BorinF. TamboneF. MapelliL. BrusettiB. ScagliaR. MarascoF. AdaniD. Daffonchio + Article (author) -
Surfactant properties and tetrachloroethene (PCE) solubilisation ability 3 of humic acid-like substances extracted from maize plant and from organic wastes : a comparative study 1-gen-2010 F. AdaniF. TamboneB. Scaglia + Article (author) -
Micropore surface area of alkali-soluble plant macromolecules (humic acids) drives their decomposition rates in soil 1-feb-2010 G. PapaF. TamboneS.R. PiluB. ScagliaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Estimating biogas production of biologically treated municipal solid waste 10-feb-2010 B. ScagliaR. ConfalonieriG. D'ImporzanoF. Adani Article (author) -
Rock weathering creates oases of life in a High Arctic desert 1-giu-2010 F. MapelliS. BorinF. TamboneR. MarascoB. Scagliaf. AdaniD. Daffonchio + Conference Object -
Monitoring the organic matter properties in a combined anaerobic/aerobic full-scale municipal source-separated waste treatment plant 1-set-2010 M. PognaniB. ScagliaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Effects of biodrying process on municipal solid waste properties 1-gen-2011 F. TamboneB. ScagliaF. Adani Article (author) -
Intra- and inter-laboratory variability in Real Dynamic Respiration Index (RDRI) method used to evaluate the potential rate of microbial self heating of solid recovered fuel 1-gen-2011 B. ScagliaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Precision determination for the dynamic respirometric index (DRI) method used for biological stability evaluation on municipal solid waste and derived products 1-gen-2011 B. ScagliaM. AcutisF. Adani Article (author) -
Solid recovered fuels-determination of potential rate of microbial self heating using dynamic respitation index 1-gen-2011 B. ScagliaF. Adani Patent -
Odours and volatile organic compounds emitted from municipal solid waste at different stage of decomposition and relationship with biological stability 1-gen-2011 B. ScagliaV. OrziF. Adani + Article (author) -
Evolution of organic matter in a full-scale composting plant for the treatment of sewage sludge and biowaste by respiration techniques and pyrolysis-GC/MS 1-gen-2011 M. PognaniF. AdaniB. Scaglia + Article (author) -
Evolución de la materia orgánica en una instalación de compostaje de lodos de depuradora urbanos 1-gen-2012 M. PognaniF. AdaniB. Scaglia + Article (author) -
Succession of a bacterial rhizospheric community along a chronosequence of a cold desert 1-lug-2012 F. MapelliB. ScagliaR. MarascoA. BalloiE. RolliF. TamboneF. AdaniS. BorinD. Daffonchio + Conference Object -
Two-Stage vs Single-Stage Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion : Comparison of Energy Production and Biodegradation Efficiencies 7-ago-2012 A. SchievanoA. TencaB. ScagliaG. MerlinoA. RizziD. DaffonchioR. ObertiF. Adani Article (author) -
Perfunctory analysis of variance in agronomy, and its consequences in experimental results interpretation 1-nov-2012 M. AcutisB. ScagliaR. Confalonieri Article (author) -
Cr(VI) reduction capability of humic acid extracted from the organic component of municipal solid waste 1-gen-2013 B. ScagliaF. TamboneF. Adani Article (author) -
The use of the dynamic respiration index to predict the potential MSW-leachate impacts after short term mechanical biological treatment 1-gen-2013 S. SalatiB. ScagliaF. Adani. + Article (author) -
Microbial community structure and dynamics in two-stage vs single-stage thermophilic anaerobic digestion of mixed swine slurry and market bio-waste 15-apr-2013 G. MerlinoA. RizziA. SchievanoA. TencaB. ScagliaR. ObertiF. AdaniD. Daffonchio Article (author) -
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