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Emotional interfaces with ambient intelligence 1-gen-2006 M. AnisettiB. ApolloniV. BellandiP. CampadelliE. Damiani + Book Part (author) -
Embedding sample points relevance in SVM linear classification 1-gen-2006 Bruno ApolloniDario Malchiodi Book Part (author) -
Controlling the loasing probability in a monotone game 1-mag-2006 B. ApolloniS. BassisS.T. GaitoD. Malchiodi + Article (author) -
Learning rule representations from data 1-set-2006 B. ApolloniA.A.F. BregaD. MalchiodiA.M. Zanaboni + Article (author) -
Interpolating support information granules 1-set-2006 B. ApolloniS. BassisD. Malchiodi + Book Part (author) -
Identifying elementary iterated systems through algorithmic inference : The Cantor set example 1-ott-2006 B. ApolloniS. Bassis Article (author) -
Editorial board di International Journal of Information and Communication Technology (IJICT) 1-gen-2007 APOLLONI, BRUNO Activity -
SVM with Random Labels 1-gen-2007 B. ApolloniS. BassisD. Malchiodi Book Part (author) -
A Modified SVM Classification Algorithm for Data of Variable Quality 1-gen-2007 B. ApolloniD. Malchiodi + Book Part (author) -
Fitting Opportunistic Network Data with a Pareto Distribution 1-gen-2007 B. ApolloniS. BassisS. Gaito Book Part (author) -
Solving complex regression problems via Algorithmic Inference : a new family of bootstrap algorithms 1-gen-2007 B. ApolloniS. BassisS. GaitoD. Malchiodi Article (author) -
Appreciation of medical treatments through confidence intervals 1-gen-2007 B. ApolloniS. BassisS. GaitoD. Malchiodi Article (author) -
A New Goodness-Of-Fit Statistical Test 1-gen-2007 B. ApolloniS. Bassis Article (author) -
Modeling individual's aging within a bacterial population using a pi-calculus paradigm 1-mar-2007 B. ApolloniS. BassisA. ClivioS.T. GaitoD. Malchiodi Article (author) -
A feed-forward neural logic based on synaptic and volume transmission 1-ago-2007 B. ApolloniS. Bassis Article (author) -
The Puzzle of Granular Computing 1-gen-2008 B. ApolloniS. BassisD. Malchiodi + Book (author) -
Editorial Board di International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Soft Data Paradigms 1-gen-2008 APOLLONI, BRUNO Activity -
Interpolating Support Information Granules 1-gen-2008 B. ApolloniS. BassisD. Malchiodi + Article (author) -
Algorithmic Inference: from Information Granules to Subtending Functions 1-gen-2008 B. ApolloniS. Bassis Article (author) -
BICA: a Boolean Independent Component Analysis Approach 1-gen-2008 B. ApolloniS. BassisA. Brega Book Part (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 113
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