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Failure to produce transgenic offspring by intra-tubal insemination of gilts with DNA-treated sperm 1-gen-1996 F. GandolfiS. ModinaT. A. Brevini + Article (author) -
Comparison of the oviductal secretions of prepuberal and adult cows 1-gen-1997 S. ModinaE. MilanesiT.A.L. BreviniF. AcocellaA. Lauria + Article (author) -
Defective developmental capacity of bovine oocytes is accompanied by a shorte poly-(A) tail of maternal trascripts 1-gen-1997 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloS. ModinaF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
Comparative analysis of calf and cow oocytes during in vitro maturation 1-feb-1998 F. GandolfiE. MilanesiP. PocarA. M. LucianoT. A. BreviniF. AcocellaA. Lauria + Article (author) -
Changes in poly(A) tail length of maternal transcripts during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes and their relation with developmental competence 1-apr-1999 T. A. Brevini-GandolfiMAURI, LUCAA. M. LucianoF. CilloF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Somatostatin up-regulates topoisomerase II alpha expression and affects LNCaP cell cycle 1-gen-2001 T. Brevini + Article (author) -
The Maternal legacy to the embryo: cytoplasmic components and their effects on early development 1-apr-2001 T.A.L. BreviniF. Gandolfi Book Part (author) -
Cellular and molecular mechanisms mediating the effects of polychlorinated biphenyls on oocyte developmental competence in cattle 1-dic-2001 P. PocarT.A. BreviniS. ModinaF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Impact of endocrine disrupters on ovarian function and embryonic development 1-lug-2002 F. GandolfiP. PocarT. A. L. Brevini + Article (author) -
The impact of endocrine disruptors on oocyte competence 1-gen-2003 P. PocarT.A. BreviniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Polyadenylation of oocyte transcripts as marker of developmental competence 1-gen-2003 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloF. Gandolfi + Book Part (author) -
Exposure of pig oocytes to PCBs during in vitro maturation: effects on developmental competence, cytoplasmic remodelling and communications with cumulus cells 1-gen-2004 T. A. BreviniA. PaffoniU. FascioF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Expression pattern of the maternal factor zygote arrest 1 (Zar1) in bovine tissues, oocytes, and embryos. 1-dic-2004 T.A. BreviniS. ColleoniC. GalliF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Role of adenosine triphosphate, active mitochondria, and microtubules in the acquisition of developmental competence of parthenogenetically activated pig oocytes. 1-gen-2005 T. A. BreviniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Effects of endocrine disrupters on the oocytes and embryos of farm animals 1-gen-2005 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloS. AntoniniF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
Effects of endocrine disruptors on developmental and reproductive functions 1-gen-2005 Tiziana A. BreviniBERTOLA ZANETTO, SIMONAFabiana Cillo Article (author) -
Androgen-induced neurite outgrowth is mediated by neuritin in motor neurones 1-gen-2005 V. GueriniP. RusminiD. SauT.A.L. BreviniL. MartiniA. Poletti + Article (author) -
Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and its receptor are expressed and functional during GV to MII in vitro transition of ovine oocytes 1-gen-2005 T.A.BreviniF. CilloS. AntoniniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating oocyte quality and the relevance for farm animal reproductive efficiency 1-gen-2005 F. GandolfiT.A. BreviniF. CilloS. Antonini Article (author) -
Assessment of human oocyte developmental competence by in vitro culture following parthenogenetic activation 1-gen-2006 A. PaffoniT.A.L. BreviniE. SomiglianaF. Gandolfi + Book Part (author) -
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