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Effect of pre-mating nutrition on mRNA levels of developmentally-relevant genes in sheep oocytes and granulosa cells 1-set-2008 L.F. PisaniS. AntoniniP. PocarT. BreviniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Derivation of pluripotent cell lines from pig embryos : In Vitro-fertilized v. parthenogentic activation 1-gen-2009 F. GandolfiG. PennarossaS. AntoniniT. Brevini + Article (author) -
Leukemia inhibitory factor signaling pathway in pig parthenogenetic pluripotent cells 1-gen-2009 T. BreviniG. PennarossaS. AntoniniF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
Development, embryonic genome activity and mitochondrial characteristics of bovine-pig inter-family nuclear transfer embryos 1-ago-2010 T. BreviniS. AntoniniBRUNETTI, DARIOF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Pericytes resident in postnatal skeletal muscle differentiate into muscle fibres and generate satellite cells 11-ott-2011 G. MaroliS. AntoniniG. Cossu + Article (author) -
Embryonic stem cell-derived CD166+ precursors develop into fully functional sinoatrial-like cells 1-gen-2013 A. ScavoneD. CapilupoN. MazzocchiA. CrespiS. ZoiaG. CampostriniA. BucchiR. MilanesiM. BaruscottiS. BenedettiS. AntoniniG. MessinaD. DiFrancescoA. Barbuti Article (author) -
Morphological and Molecular Changes of Human Granulosa Cells Exposed to 5-Azacytidine and Addressed Toward Muscular Differentiation 1-gen-2014 T.A. BreviniG. PennarossaA. PaffoniS. AntoniniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
PW1/Peg3 expression regulates key properties that determine mesoangioblast stem cell competence 9-mar-2015 C. BonfantiG. RossiS. BenedettiS. AntoniniE. DejanaG. CossuG. Messina + Article (author) -
Cyanidin enriched diet delays Muscular Dystrophy progression in alpha-sarcoglycan knock-out mice 15-ott-2015 E. CarusoS. AntoniniC. BonfantiK. PetroniC. TonelliG. Messina + Conference Object -
Nfix Regulates Temporal Progression of Muscle Regeneration through Modulation of Myostatin Expression 8-mar-2016 G. RossiS. AntoniniC. BonfantiS. MonteverdeC. VezzaliG. CossuG. Messina + Article (author) -
Silencing Nfix rescues muscular dystrophy by delaying muscle regeneration 20-ott-2017 G. RossiC. BonfantiS. AntoniniS. MonteverdeSACLIER, MARIELLEV. TagliettiG. Messina + Article (author) -
Autologous cell therapy approach for Duchenne muscular dystrophy using PiggyBac transposons and mesoangioblasts 1-gen-2018 S. AntoniniG. Messina + Article (author) -
The Transcription Factor Nfix Requires RhoA-ROCK1 Dependent Phagocytosis to Mediate Macrophage Skewing during Skeletal Muscle Regeneration 1-gen-2020 Saclier, MarielleLapi, MichelaBonfanti, ChiaraRossi, GiulianaAntonini, StefaniaMessina, Graziella Article (author) -
Nutritional intervention with cyanidin hinders the progression of muscular dystrophy 18-feb-2020 Saclier, MarielleBonfanti, ChiaraAntonini, StefaniaAngelini, GiuseppeMura, GiadaTaglietti, ValentinaTonelli, ChiaraPetroni, KatiaCassano, MarcoMessina, Graziella + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 34 di 34
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