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Effect of superoxide dismutase (SOD) on early stages of bovine embryogenesis in vitro 1-gen-1994 A. LauriaG.C. LuvoniF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
The effect of EGF and IGF-I on metabolism and nuclear maturation of cattle oocytes 1-gen-1995 A.M. LucianoS. ModinaP .PocarA. LauriaF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Advances and new appliations in the production in vitro of cattle embryos 1-gen-1995 F. GandolfiS. ModinaA. LucianoT. BreviniP. PocarA. Lauria + Book Part (author) -
Activin beta A subunit is expressed in bovine oviduct 1-mar-1995 F. GandolfiS. ModinaT. A. Brevini + Article (author) -
In Vitro development of preimplantation embryos from domestic species 1-ott-1995 F. GandolfiT. A. BreviniA. M. LucianoS. ModinaP. Pocar + Article (author) -
Different mitogenic capabilities of small and large granulosa cells isolated from bovine follicles 1-gen-1996 A. LucianoS. ModinaF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Failure to produce transgenic offspring by intra-tubal insemination of gilts with DNA-treated sperm 1-gen-1996 F. GandolfiS. ModinaT. A. Brevini + Article (author) -
Expression of OCT-4 trascription factor in bovine oocytes and embryos 1-gen-1997 F.. GandolfiS. Modina + Article (author) -
Defective developmental capacity of bovine oocytes is accompanied by a shorte poly-(A) tail of maternal trascripts 1-gen-1997 T.A.L. BreviniF. CilloS. ModinaF. Gandolfi Article (author) -
The in vitro developmental competence of bovine oocytes can be related to the morphology of the ovary 1-nov-1997 F. GandolfiA. M. LucianoS. ModinaP. PocarA. Lauria + Article (author) -
Gametes: development and function 1-gen-1998 F. Gandolfi + Book (editor) -
Embryonic Development as a Function of Oocyte Competence 1-gen-1998 F. Gandolfi Book Part (author) -
Effect of oocyte maturation on embryonic development 1-gen-1998 F. Gandolfi Book Part (author) -
The effects of epidermal growth factor and insulin-like growth factor I on the metabolic activity, nuclear maturation and subsequent development of cattle oocytes in vitro 1-gen-1998 A. M. LucianoS. ModinaP. PocarA. LauriaF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Comparative analysis of calf and cow oocytes during in vitro maturation 1-feb-1998 F. GandolfiE. MilanesiP. PocarA. M. LucianoT. A. BreviniF. AcocellaA. Lauria + Article (author) -
Immunolocalization of uvomorulin, beta-catenin and actin in in vitro produced bovine embryo 1-gen-1999 S. ModinaF. GandolfiA. Lauria + Article (author) -
Molecular cloning, genetic mapping, and developmental expression of bovine POU5F1 1-gen-1999 S. ModinaC. GalliF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Distribution of cytoskeletal and junctional molecules in preattachment bovine embryos generated in vitro 1-gen-1999 S. ModinaF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Changes in poly(A) tail length of maternal transcripts during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes and their relation with developmental competence 1-apr-1999 T. A. Brevini-GandolfiMAURI, LUCAA. M. LucianoF. CilloF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
Effect of different levels of intracellular cAMP on the in vitro maturation of cattle oocytes and their subsequent development following in vitro fertilization 1-set-1999 A. M. LucianoP. PocarS. ModinaF. Gandolfi + Article (author) -
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