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Computational and experimental approaches for assessing the interactions between the model calycin beta-lactoglobulin and two antibacterial fluoroquinolones 2006 I. EberiniGUERINI ROCCO, ALESSANDROE. GianazzaD. MaggioniT. Beringhelli + Article (author) -
A structural model for apoA-I Milano (A-IM) in its heterodimeric form with apoA-II (A-II) 2006 A. Guerini RoccoL. MollicaE. GianazzaL. CalabresiC.R. SirtoriI. Eberini Conference Object -
Protein pattern changes during cow pregnancy : a proteomic study 2006 F. CairoliM. VillaniI. EberiniE. Gianazza + Conference Object -
A structural model for apolipoprotein A-Imilano (A-IM) in its heterodimeric form with apolipoprotein A-II (A-II) 2006 A. Guerini RoccoL. MollicaE. GianazzaL. CalabresiC.R. SirtoriI. Eberini Article (author) -
Serum protein pattern during cow pregnancy : Acute-phase proteins increase in the peripartum period 2006 F. CairoliM.L. BattocchioM.C. VeronesiI. EberiniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Zea mays L. protein changes in response to potassium dichromate treatments 2006 E. GianazzaI. EberiniE. Agradi + Article (author) -
A model structure for the heterodimer apoA-IMilano-apoA-II supports its peculiar susceptibility to proteolysis 2006 L. MollicaE. GianazzaL. CalabresiG. FranceschiniC.R. SirtoriI. EberiniA GUERINI ROCCO + Article (author) -
Redox regulation of cyclophilin a by glutathionylation 2006 L. MollicaI. EberiniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Coordinated and reversible reduction of enzymes involved in terminal oxidative metabolism in skeletal muscle mitochondria from a riboflavin-responsive, multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency patient 2006 E. GianazzaI. Eberini + Article (author) -
Sito web del Gruppo di Studio per la Proteomica e la Struttura di Proteine 2007 I. Eberini Multimedia Object (author) -
Structural features and dynamics properties of human apolipoprotein A-I in a model of synthetic HDL 2007 A. Guerini RoccoL. CalabresiE. GianazzaG. FranceschiniC.R. SirtoriI. Eberini Conference Object -
Mapping the 5-50 kDa fraction of human amniotic fluid proteins by 2DE and ESI-MS 2007 E. GianazzaI. Eberini + Article (author) -
Using Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells to determine proteome profiles in human end-stage chronic heart disease 2007 MAZZOLA, ALESSIAI. EberiniM.P. Abbracchio + Article (author) -
Perivascular carotid collar placement induces neointima formation and outward arterial remodeling in mice independent of apolipoprotein E deficiency or Western-type diet feeding 2007 R. BaettaSILVA, FRANCESCACOMPARATO, CARMENI. EberiniS. BellostaE.B. DonettiA. Corsini + Article (author) -
Apolipoprotein A-I breakdown is induced by thrombolysis in coronary patients 2007 I. EberiniE. GianazzaL. CalabresiM. GomaraschiC.R. Sirtori + Article (author) -
Hypocholesterolaemic effects of soya proteins : results of recent studies are predictable from the Anderson meta-analysis data 2007 C.R. SirtoriI. EberiniA. Arnoldi Article (author) -
Gender differences in endothelial function and inflammatory markers along the occurrence of pathological events in stroke-prone rats 2007 E. GianazzaL. MussoniP. GelosaU. GuerriniI. EberiniS. BelcreditoE. TremoliL. Sironi + Article (author) -
Recent studies on the hypocholesteroleic activity of soy protein fit within the Anderson meta-analysis prediction 2007 A. ArnoldiI. EberiniC. R. Sirtori Conference Object -
Raloxifene inhibits matrix metalloproteinases expression and activity in macrophages and smooth muscle cells 2007 S. BellostaR. BaettaM. CanavesiC. ComparatoA. GranataM. MonettiF. CairoliI. EberiniL. PuglisiA. Corsini Article (author) -
Proteomics of lung physiopathology 2008 I. EberiniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
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