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Protein glutathionylation : coupling and uncoupling of glutathione to protein thiol groups in lymphocytes under oxidative stress and HIV infection 2002 I. EberiniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Macrophage metalloproteinases degrade high-density-lipoprotein-associated apolipoprotein A-I at both the N- and C-termini 2002 I. EberiniL. CalabresiG. TedeschiA. PirilloL. PuglisiC.R. SirtoriE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Monitoring the effects of drug treatment in rat models of disease by serum protein analysis 2002 E. GianazzaI. EberiniC. Pinna + Article (author) -
Strategies for proteomics with incompletely characterized genomes : the proteome of Bos taurus serum 2002 I. EberiniF. CairoliM.C. VeronesiM.L. BattocchioE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Identification of proteins undergoing glutathionylation in oxidatively stressed hepatocytes and hepatoma cells 2003 I. EberiniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Cobalamin (vitamin B12)-deficiency-induced changes in the proteome of rat cerebrospinal fluid 2003 E. GianazzaD. VeberI. EberiniF. R. BuccellatoE. MuttiL. SironiG. Scalabrino Article (author) -
A proteomic investigation of isolated soy proteins with variable effects in experimental and clinical studies 2003 E. GianazzaI. EberiniA. ArnoldiC.R. Sirtori + Article (author) -
Subcellular localization of soybean 7S globulin in HepG2 cells and LDL receptor up-regulation by its alpha' constituent subunit 2003 M. DurantiI. EberiniS. CastiglioniM.R. Lovati + Article (author) -
Estrogen receptor alpha, a molecular switch converting transforming growth factor-alpha-mediated proliferation into differentiation in neuroblastoma cells 2003 P. CianaS. GhislettiP. MussiI. EberiniE. VegetoA. Maggi Article (author) -
Vasculature, Vascular Disease, and Atherosclerosis 2004 E. GianazzaI. Eberini Book Part (author) -
Increased keratin content detected by proteomic analysis of exhaled breath condensate from healthy persons who smoke 2004 E. GianazzaL. AllegraI. EberiniPUGLISI, CARMELAF. BlasiC. R. Sirtori + Article (author) -
Reorganization in apo- and holo-beta-lactoglobulin upon protonation of Glu89: molecular dynamics and pKa calculations 2004 I. EberiniE. GianazzaT. Beringhelli + Article (author) -
New aspects of altitude adaptation in Tibetans : A proteomic approach 2004 C. GelfiS. De PalmaI. EberiniP. Cerretelli + Article (author) -
Analysis of pathological events at the onset of brain damage in stroke-prone rats: a proteomics and magnetic resonance imaging approach 2004 L. SironiU. GuerriniE. TremoliP. GelosaA. LascialfariZUCCA, ILARIA MARIAI. EberiniPAOLETTI, RODOLFOE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Proteomic methods for the analysis of white lupin storage proteins 2005 LOCATI, DANIELAMORANDI, SHEILAA. ArnoldiE. GianazzaI. Eberini Book Part (author) -
The molecular basis of lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency syndromes: a comprehensive study of molecular and biochemical findings in 13 unrelated Italian families 2005 L. CalabresiI. EberiniG. Franceschini + Article (author) -
Redox options in two-dimensional electrophoresis 2005 A. Guerini RoccoI. EberiniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Reference maps of mouse serum acute-phase proteins : changes with LPS-induced inflammation and apolipoprotein A-I and A-II transgenes 2005 G. ChiesaC. ParoliniI. EberiniE. Gianazza + Article (author) -
Analysis of Lupinus albus storage proteins by two-dimensional electrophoresis and mass spectrometry 2005 E. GianazzaI. EberiniS. MorandiA. ArnoldiC.R. Sirtori + Article (author) -
A structural model for apolipoprotein A-Imilano (A-IM) in its heterodimeric form with apolipoprotein A-II (A-II) 2006 A. Guerini RoccoL. MollicaE. GianazzaL. CalabresiC.R. SirtoriI. Eberini Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 260
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