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Correlation between the immune response elicited in rabbits by env-recombinant avipox vaccines and the inhibition of HIV-1-specific functions 1-mar-2000 A. RadaelliC. ZanottoC. De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
Genotypes of Pestivirus RNA detected in live virus vaccines for human use 1-gen-2001 C. De Giuli MorghenA.R. ZanettiA. Belloli + Article (author) -
Evaluation of poliovirus vaccines for pestivirus contamination : non-specific amplification of poliovirus sequences by pan-pestivirus primers 1-apr-2002 C. ZanottoC. De Giuli MorghenELLI, VERONICAA. Radaelli + Article (author) -
Additive and antagonist effects of therapeutic gene combinations for suppression of HIV-1 infection 1-lug-2002 Antonia RadaelliCarlo De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
Evaluation in rabbits of different anti-SHIV vaccine strategies based on DNA/fowlpox priming and virus-like particles boosting 21-gen-2003 Carlo ZanottoVeronica ElliBASAVECCHIA, VALERIAPAGANINI, MANUELACarlo De Giuli MorghenAntonia Radaelli + Article (author) -
Comparative analysis of immune responses and cytokine profiles elicited in rabbits by the combined use of recombinant fowlpox viruses, plasmids and virus-like particles in prime-boost vaccination protocols against SHIV 16-mag-2003 Antonia RadaelliCarlo ZanottoVeronica ElliCarlo De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
Prior DNA immunization enhances immune response to dominant and subdominant viral epitopes induced by a fowlpox-based SIVmac vaccine in long-term slow-progressor macaques infected with SIVmac251 20-lug-2003 A. RadaelliC. ZanottoV. ElliC. De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
A new methodology for decontamination of dental instruments by an ultrasonic cleaner based on Sweep System Technology 1-gen-2004 A. RadaelliM. PaganiniC. De Giuli MorghenM. Neri + Article (author) -
Avipox-based simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) vaccines elicit a high frequency of SIV-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell responses in vaccinia-experienced SIVmac251-infected macaques 26-gen-2004 A. RadaelliC. De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
Identification, molecular biotyping and ultrastructural studies of bacterial communities isolated from two damaged frescoes of St. Damian's monastery in Assisi 1-giu-2004 A. RadaelliM. PaganiniV. BasavecchiaV. ElliNERI, MARGHERITAC. ZanottoC. De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
Molecular and biological characterization of simian-human immunodeficiency virus-like particles produced by recombinant fowlpox viruses 15-set-2005 C. ZanottoM. PaganiniV. ElliV. BasavecchiaM. NeriC. De Giuli MorghenA. Radaelli Article (author) -
Telomerase restrictors might be a novel source for screening anti-HIV agents 1-gen-2007 C. De Giuli MorghenA. RadaelliC. ZanottoBEGGIO, PAOLA + Book Part (author) -
Prime-boost immunization with DNA, recombinant fowlpox virus and VLPSHIV elicit both neutralizing antibodies and IFNγ-producing T cells against the HIV-envelope protein in mice that control env-bearing tumour cells 1-mar-2007 A. RadaelliP. BeggioE. PozziV. ElliM. PaganiniC. ZanottoC. De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
Anti-HIV-1 activities of 4 Telomerase Restrictors 1-nov-2007 C. De Giuli MorghenA. RadaelliC. ZanottoP. Beggio + Article (author) -
T-cell tropism of simian T-cell leukaemia virus type 1 and cytokine profiles in relation to proviral load and immunological changes during chronic infection of naturally infected mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx) 1-gen-2009 A. RadaelliC. De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
MHC-restricted cytotoxic T-lymphocyte assay : an improved method based on normal and SV40-immortalized rabbit epidermal target cells 1-gen-2009 E. PozziC. ZanottoS. PacchioniC. De Giuli MorghenA. Radaelli Article (author) -
Construction and characterization of recombinant fowlpox viruses expressing human papilloma virus E6 and E7 oncoproteins 1-giu-2009 POZZI, ELEANA MARIASOLEV. BasavecchiaC. ZanottoS. PacchioniC. De Giuli MorghenA. Radaelli Article (author) -
Canarypox and fowlpox viruses as recombinant vaccine vectors: a biological and immunological comparison 1-gen-2010 C. ZanottoE.M. PozziS.M. PacchioniC. De Giuli MorghenA. Radaelli + Article (author) -
Updates and achievements in virology 1-gen-2010 C. De Giuli Morghen + Article (author) -
Microbiologia medica 1-gen-2010 C. De Giuli MorghenA. RadaelliC. Zanotto + Book (editor) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 67
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