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Aortic valve: do its nervous and contractile elements have any role? 1-nov-2003 Polvani, GianLucaBarili, FabioBiglioli, Paolo + Article (author) -
Reduction ascending aortoplasty: midterm follow-up and predictors of redilatation 1-gen-2006 G.L. PolvaniF. BariliPENZA, ELEONORAA. ParolariF. AlamanniP. Biglioli + Article (author) -
17beta-estradiol effects on human coronaries and grafts employed in myocardial revascularization: a preliminary study 1-gen-2006 G. PolvaniF. BariliG. RossoniE. PenzaE. TremoliP. Biglioli + Article (author) -
What patients want: A new biological era in valvular prostheses 1-gen-2006 Biglioli, PaoloBarili, FabioPolvani, Gianluca Article (author) -
Are the aortic anatomical normal leaflets, normal leaflets? 1-gen-2006 Barili, FabioPolvani, GianlucaBiglioli, Paolo + Article (author) -
Concurrent coronary and carotid artery surgery: An open debate 1-gen-2006 Barili, FabioPolvani, GianlucaBiglioli, Paolo + Article (author) -
Effect of cryopreservation techniques on aortic valve glycosaminoglycans 1-gen-2006 Barili, FabioAljaber, EmadBiglioli, PaoloPolvani, Gianluca + Article (author) -
Resection and end-to-end anastomosis for ascending aortic aneurysms associated with a bicuspid valve : case reports 1-gen-2007 F. BariliG. PolvaniALJABER, EMADM. RobertoTESSITORE, GIULIOF. AlamanniP. Biglioli + Article (author) -
The Challenge of Homograft Tissue Banks: The Viability of Cryopreserved Valvular Homografts 1-gen-2007 Barili, FabioBiglioli, PaoloPolvani, Gianluca + Article (author) -
Administration of Octreotide for Management of Postoperative High-Flow Chylothorax 1-gen-2007 F. BariliG. PolvaniM. RobertoE. AljaberF. H. CheemaP. Biglioli + Article (author) -
Multifactorial bases of stroke after cardiac surgery 1-gen-2007 Barili, FabioPolvani, GianlucaBiglioli, Paolo + Article (author) -
Multislice computed tomography visualization of the VSTENT device 1-gen-2007 G. PolvaniF. BariliP. Biglioli + Article (author) -
Recycling thoracic arteries for redo coronary artery bypass grafting : long-term follow-up 1-lug-2007 M. AgrifoglioF. BariliA. ParolariE. PenzaM. TrezziG. PolvaniC. AntonaF. AlamanniP. Biglioli Article (author) -
Role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of postoperative organ/space sternal surgical site infections 1-ago-2007 F. BariliG. PolvaniM. RobertoA. ParolariF. AlamanniP. Biglioli + Article (author) -
Sutureless patch-and-glue technique for the repair of coronary sinus injuries 1-ago-2007 M. AgrifoglioF. BariliS. KassemA. ParolariG. PontoneG. PolvaniF. AlamanniP. Biglioli + Article (author) -
Cyclic intermittent aortic regurgitation of a mechanical bileaflet aortic valve prosthesis : diagnosis and clinical implications 1-nov-2007 P. MontorsiF. BariliG. Polvani + Article (author) -
A case of asymptomatic high-grade aortic coarctation 1-gen-2009 F. BariliP. BiglioliG. Polvani Article (author) -
Reliability of new scores in predicting perioperative mortality after isolated aortic valve surgery: a comparison with the society of thoracic surgeons score and logistic EuroSCORE 1-gen-2013 F. BariliF. AlamanniA. Parolari + Article (author) -
The role of surgical procedures on discriminative performance of the updated euroSCORE II 1-ott-2013 F. BariliA. Parolari + Article (author) -
Ring or suture annuloplasty for tricuspid regurgitation? : a meta-analysis review 1-gen-2014 A. ParolariF. Barili + Article (author) -
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