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A few simple rules governing hydrogenation of graphene dots 24-ott-2011 M. BonfantiS. CasoloG.F. TantardiniR. Martinazzo + Article (author) -
Atomic-scale characterization of nitrogen-doped graphite: Effects of dopant nitrogen on the local electronic structure of the surrounding carbon atoms 23-lug-2012 S. CasoloM.I. TrioniG.F. Tantardini + Article (author) -
Theoretical analysis of oxygen vacancies in layered sodium cobaltate, NaxCoO2−δ 31-ott-2012 S. Casolo + Article (author) -
Spin coupling around a carbon atom vacancy in graphene 1-gen-2013 M. CasartelliS. CasoloG.F. TantardiniR. Martinazzo Article (author) -
Hydrogen recombination on graphitic surfaces 1-gen-2013 R. MartinazzoS. Casolo + Book Part (author) -
Surface Temperature Effects on Dissociative Chemisorption of H2 on Cu(100) 1-apr-2013 S. Casolo + Article (author) -
On the Complex Structural Picture of the Ionic Conductor Sr6Ta2O11 1-apr-2013 S. Casolo + Article (author) -
Insights into H2 formation in space from ab initio molecular dynamics 1-apr-2013 S. CasoloG.F. TantardiniR. Martinazzo Article (author) -
Structure and stability of hydrogenated carbon atom vacancies in graphene 1-gen-2014 M. CasartelliS. CasoloG.F. TantardiniR. Martinazzo Article (author) -
Inherently chiral macrocyclic oligothiophenes : easily accessible electrosensitive cavities with outstanding enantioselection performances 17-nov-2014 F. SannicolòP.R. MussiniS. ArnaboldiS. CasoloR. MartinazzoM. PanigatiM. Pappini + Article (author) -
Inherently Chiral Spider-Like Oligothiophenes 20-giu-2016 F. SannicolòP.R. MussiniR. MartinazzoS. ArnaboldiM. PanigatiS. Casolo + Article (author) -
Hydrogen Recombination and Dimer Formation on Graphite from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations 14-lug-2016 S. CasoloG.F. TantardiniR. Martinazzo Article (author) -
Disorder in La1-xBa1+xGaO4-x/2 ionic conductor: resolving Pair Distribution Function through inside from first principles modeling 1-gen-2019 Mauro CoduriSimone CasoloMarco Scavini + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 33 di 33
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