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Clinical effect of interleukin-2 (IL-2) immuno-adjuvant treatment in HIV+ advanced naïve patients 1-gen-2008 C. TincatiM. CesariF. BaiM. GalliA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
CX3CR1 I249M280 heterozygosity is associated to contraction of HIV-specific immune responses in HIV-infected patients failing to recover CD4T-cell following long-term haart 1-gen-2009 Bai FPacciolla RTrabattoni DGori AClerici Md'Arminio Monforte AMarchetti G + Article (author) -
CD8+ hyperactivation and senescence correlate with early carotid intima-media thickness in HIV+ patients with no cardiovascular disease 15-ago-2009 C. TincatiG.M. BellistrìM. CasanaE. MerliniL. ComiF. BaiA. D’Arminio MonforteG. Marchetti + Article (author) -
Skewed T-cell maturation and function in HIV-infected patients failing CD4+ recovery upon long-term virologically suppressive HAART 1-gen-2010 G.C. MarchettiL. GazzolaD.L. TrabattoniF. BaiG. AnconaL. FerrarisM. GalliM.S. ClericiA. GoriA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
One-pill once-a-day HAART: A simplification strategy that improves adherence and quality of life of HIV-infected subjects 1-gen-2010 F. BaiA. Gori + Article (author) -
Prevalence of sub-clinical vertebral fractures in a cohort of HIV positive patients and ability of frax-score to identify patients at increased fracture risk 10-giu-2010 F. BaiL. Pietrogrande + Article (author) -
Reduced CD127 expression on peripheral CD4+ T cells impairs immunological recovery in course of suppressive HAART 23-ott-2010 F. BaiG.M. BellistrìC. TincatiG. MarchettiA. D’Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Evidence for polymicrobic flora translocating in peripheral blood of HIV-infected patients with poor immune response to antiretroviral therapy 1-apr-2011 E. MerliniF. BaiG. M. BellistrìC. TincatiA. d'Arminio MonforteG. Marchetti Article (author) -
Timed short messaging service improves adherence and virological outcomes in HIV-1-infected patients with suboptimal adherence to antiretroviral therapy 1-dic-2011 Bai F. + Article (author) -
Reduced central memory CD4+ T cells and increased T-Cell activation characterise treatment-naive patients newly diagnosed at late stage of HIV infection 1-gen-2012 F. BaiC. TincatiE. MerliniA. D'Arminio MonforteG. Marchetti + Article (author) -
Circulating sCD14 is associated with virological response to pegylated-interferon-alpha/ribavirin treatment in HIV/HCV co-infected patients 21-feb-2012 G. MarchettiF. BaiG.M. BellistrìC. TincatiA. d’Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
T-Cell Phenotypes, Apoptosis and Inflammation in HIV+ Patients on Virologically Effective cART with Early Atherosclerosis 27-set-2012 E. MerliniE. SuardiA. BarassiM. CerroneF. BaiG.V. Melzi D’ErilA. d’Arminio MonforteG. Marchetti + Article (author) -
Immune reconstitution in HIV+ subjects on Lopinavir/Ritonavir-based HAART according to the severity of pre-therapy CD4+ 1-ott-2012 G. MarchettiE. MerliniF. BaiA. SavoldiC. TincatiA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
HPV infection in a cohort of HIV-positive men and women : prevalence of oncogenic genotypes and predictors of mucosal damage at genital and oral sites 1-gen-2013 G. MarchettiL. ComiM. RovatiF. BaiA. PandolfoS. DalzeroE. OpocherS. RomagnoliA. CarrassiS. BosariA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Maraviroc as Intensification Strategy in HIV-1 Positive Patients with Deficient Immunological Response: an Italian Randomized Clinical Trial 14-nov-2013 S. RusconiP. VitielloE. ColellaA. CapettiF. BaiM. MorosiP. TauE. MerliniG. Marchetti + Article (author) -
CD8 T-cell activation is associated with lipodystrophy and visceral fat accumulation in antiretroviral therapy-treated virologically suppressed HIV-infected patients 1-dic-2013 F. BaiG. MarchettiA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Viro-immunological characterization of naïve patients with high cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) HIV RNA 1-gen-2014 F. IannuzziF. BaiE. MerliniL. BorghiG.C. Marchetti + Article (author) -
Association between abdominal aortic calcifications, bone mineral density and vertebral fractures in a cohort of HIV-positive patients 1-gen-2014 N. IannottiL. GazzolaA. SavoldiE. SuardiCOGLIANDRO, VIOLAF. BaiPERI, MAUROG. MarchettiA. d'Arminio Monforte + Article (author) -
Factors associated with HPV-DNA clearance in a cohort of HIV-positive patients : role of cART and gender 1-gen-2014 E. SuardiF. BaiL. ComiA. PandolfoM. RovatiS. DalzeroG. Marchetti + Article (author) -
Association between CSF and peripheral markers of immune-activation/inflammation and elevated intrathecal HIV-RNA levels in a cohort of HIV-infected antiretroviral naıve individuals 1-gen-2015 E. MerliniF. IannuzziF. BaiE.S. CannizzoM. BasilissiA. D'Arminio MonforteG. Marchetti Article (author) -
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