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T-lymphocyte concentrations of cholecystokinin-8 and beta-endorphin in eating disorders : II. Bulimia nervosa 29-nov-1995 P. SacerdoteB. Manfredi + Article (author) -
T-lymphocyte cholecystokinin-8 and beta-endorphin concentrations in eating disorders : I. Anorexia nervosa 29-nov-1995 P. SacerdoteB. Manfredi + Article (author) -
Peripheral mononeuropathy affects hypothalamic and splenocyte beta-endorphin levels but not immune function in the rat 1-gen-1996 B. ManfrediP. Sacerdote + Article (author) -
Centrally injected nerve growth factor modulates peripheral immune responses in the rat 1-ott-1996 P. SacerdoteB. ManfrediA.E. Panerai + Article (author) -
Intermittent but not continuous inescapable footshock stress and intracerebroventricular interleukin-1 similarly affect immune responses and immunocyte beta-endorphin concentrations in the rat 1-gen-1997 P. SacerdoteB. Manfredi + Article (author) -
Antinociceptive and immunosuppressive effects of opiates: A structure-related activity study 1-gen-1997 P. SacerdoteB. ManfrediA.E. Panerai + Article (author) -
Effect of tramadol on immune responses and nociceptive thresholds in mice 1-gen-1997 P. SacerdoteB. ManfrediM. BianchiA.E. Panerai Article (author) -
Regulation of immune functions in rat splenocytes after acute and chronic in vivo treatment with CP-55,940, a synthetic cannabinoid compound 1-dic-1997 P. SacerdoteB. Manfredi + Article (author) -
Endogenous opioidsmodulate allograft rejection time in mice: Possible relation with Th1/Th2 cytokines 1-gen-1998 P. SacerdoteB. ManfrediA.E. Panerai + Article (author) -
Preliminary study on the effect of size of individual stall on the behavioural and immune reactions of dairy calves 1-gen-1998 V. FerranteE. CanaliS. MattielloP. SacerdoteB. ManfrediM. VergaA.E. Panerai Article (author) -
Neuroimmunological parameters as markers of welfare of farm animals 1-gen-1998 P. SacerdoteB. ManfrediE. CanaliV. FerranteA.E. Panerai Article (author) -
IL-6 knock-out mice show modified basal immune functions, but normal immune responses to stress 1-set-1998 B. ManfrediP. SacerdoteA.E. Panerai + Article (author) -
Immune function alterations in mice tolerant to delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol: functional and biochemical parameters 1-dic-1998 P. SacerdoteB. Manfredi + Article (author) -
Chronic administration of UK-114, a multifunctional emerging protein, modulates the Th1/Th2 cytokine pattern and experimental autoimmune diseases 22-giu-1999 A.E. PaneraiP. SacerdoteB. ManfrediF. Ceciliani + Article (author) -
The opioid antagonist naloxone induces a shift from Type 2 to type 1 cytokine pattern in BALB/cJ mice 1-gen-2000 P. SacerdoteB. ManfrediA.E. Panerai + Article (author) -
The opioid antagonist naloxone induces a shift from type 1 cytokine pattern to type 2 cytokine pattern in balbc/Jmice 1-gen-2000 P. SacerdoteB. ManfrediA.E. Panerai + Article (author) -
The effects of tramadol and morphine on immune responses and pain after surgery in cancer patients 1-gen-2000 P. SacerdoteM. BianchiB. ManfrediA.E. Panerai + Article (author) -
Novel antioxidant agents deriving from molecular combinations of vitamins C and E analogues : 3,4-dihydroxy-5(R) 1-dic-2000 B. ManfrediG. Rossoni + Article (author) -
The nitroderivative of aspirin, NCX 4016, reduces infarct size caused by myocardial ischemia-reperfusion in the anesthetized rat 1-apr-2001 G. RossoniB. ManfrediV. De Gennaro Colonna + Article (author) -
Comparison of endothelium-dependent vasoactivity of internal mammary arteries from hypertensive, hypercholesterolemic, and diabetic patients 1-ott-2001 G. POMPILIOG. ROSSONIF. ALAMANNIC. RUMIOB. MANFREDI + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 69
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