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Cardiovascular adaptation to mudpack therapy in hypertensive subjects treated with different antihypertensive drugs 1-set-2014 G. MeratiL. AgnelloS. RampichiniM.A. MaggioniR. ScuratiA. Veicsteinas Article (author) -
Autonomic cardiovascular control during head-out water immersion and head-down bed rest 19-set-2014 M. MaggioniG. Merati + Conference Object -
Cardiovascular adaptations during sustained acceleration in a short-arm human centrifuge Increases in heart rate, and total peripheral resistance are the main counter-measures during consecutive +g-force exposure 29-set-2014 M.A. Maggioni + Conference Object -
Phase shifts of circadian core body temperature profiles during Mars500 29-set-2014 M.A. Maggioni + Conference Object -
Can skin temperature recordings predict GLOC? 23-ott-2014 M.A. Maggioni + Conference Object -
Long-term haematological adaptation in native populations across different level of altitude 23-ott-2014 M. MaggioniG. MeratiA. VeicsteinasS. RampichiniL. Agnello + Conference Object -
Comparison of double sensor, skin, and rectal temperature recording for determining circadian rhthm 23-ott-2014 M.A. Maggioni + Conference Object -
Autonomic modulations of heart rate variability and performances in short-distance elite swimmers 1-gen-2015 G. MeratiM.A. MaggioniP.L. InvernizziL. AgnelloA. Veicsteinas + Article (author) -
Effects of manipulating volume and intensity training in masters dwimmers 1-gen-2015 L. PuglieseM. BonatoG. PaveiA. La TorreM.A. MaggioniG. Bellistri + Article (author) -
Application of a new mobile segmental bioimpedance spectroscopy device for tracking fluid shifts during different g-levels 30-giu-2015 M.A. MaggioniG. Merati + Conference Object -
Changes in electro-cortical activity during head out water immersion 1-lug-2015 G. MeratiM.A. Maggioni + Conference Object -
Form influences function: anthropometry and orthostatic stability during sustained acceleration in a short arm human centrifuge 1-ott-2015 M.A. Maggioni + Article (author) -
Changes of 25-OH-Vitamin D during overwintering at the German Antarctic stations Neumayer II and III 1-dic-2015 M.A. Maggioni + Article (author) -
Circadian rhythms in bed rest: : Monitoring core body temperature via heat-flux approach is superior to skin surface temperature 1-gen-2016 M.A. Maggioni + Article (author) -
Sleep quality changes during overwintering at the German antarctic stations neumayer II and III : the gender factor 26-feb-2016 M.A. Maggioni + Article (author) -
Wearable multi-frequency and multi-segment bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy for unobtrusively tracking body fluid shifts during physical activity in real-field applications : a preliminary study 1-mag-2016 M.A. MaggioniS. RampichiniG. Merati + Article (author) -
Increased core body temperature in astronauts during long-duration space missions 23-nov-2017 M.A. Maggioni + Article (author) -
Cardiac autonomic modulations and psychological correlates in the Yukon Arctic Ultra : the longest and the coldest ultramarathon 1-feb-2018 Maggioni, Martina A. + Article (author) -
Gender-Specific Cardiovascular Reactions to +Gz Interval Training on a Short Arm Human Centrifuge 1-lug-2018 M. A. Maggioni + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 77
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