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Evidence for the Formation and Reactivity of the Surface Model [Re(CO)5(OR)] (R = (c-C6H11)7Si8O12) 2005 CAPEZZUTO, LUCAG. D’AlfonsoP. MacchiM. MaranesiD. RobertoA. SironiR. Ugo + Book Part (author) -
Silanolate Carbonyl Complexes of Re(I) as Molecular Models of Silica-Anchored Species 2005 L. CarlucciG. D’AlfonsoC. DragonettiP. MacchiM. MaranesiD. RobertoA. SironiR. Ugo + Book Part (author) -
Staggered to eclipsed conformational rearrangement of [Co2(CO)6(PPh3)2] ] in the solid state: An X-ray diffraction study at high pressure and low temperature 2005 N. CasatiP. MacchiA. Sironi Article (author) -
Origin of the deactivation in styrene aziridination by aryl azides, catalyzed by ruthenium porphyrin complexes. Structural characterization of a Delta(2)-1,2,3-triazoline Ru-II(TPP)CO complex 2005 S. FantauzziE. GalloA. CaselliF. RagainiP. MacchiS. Cenini + Article (author) -
Using Ring Strain to Inhibit a Decomposition Path: First Synthesis of an Alkyl-BIAN ligand (Alkyl-BIAN = bis(alkyl)acenaphthenequinonediimine) 2005 F. RagainiE. GalloP. Macchi + Article (author) -
New metal oxalate-stilbazolic hybrids having magnetic and extremely high second order NLO properties. 2005 E. CariatiN. CasatiR. MacchiP. MacchiD. RobertoA. SironiR. Ugo + Book Part (author) -
The electron density of bridging hydrides observed via experimental and theoretical investigations on [Cr-2(mu(2)-H)(Co)(10)](-) 2005 P. MacchiD. DonghiA. Sironi Article (author) -
Synthesis and characterization of some Aza[5]helicenes 2005 P. MacchiA. Sironi + Article (author) -
Surface organometallic chemistry - Carbonyl complexes of Re(I) with silanolates as models of silica anchored rhenium carbonyl species 2005 G. D'AlfonsoC. DragonettiP. MacchiD. RobertoR. Ugo + Article (author) -
Stability-inducing strain: application to the synthesis of alkyl-BIAN ligands (alkyl-BIAN = bis(alkyl)acenaphthenequinonediimine) 2006 F. RagainiE. GalloN. CasatiP. Macchi + Article (author) -
Synthesis of platinum-iodo-alkyl/aryl complexes in ligand-exchange reactions: Determination of the structure of Pt{(S,S)-bdpp}(X)I complexes (X= Me, I) by X-ray crystallography 2006 P. MACCHIA. SIRONI + Article (author) -
A Re(CO)5 Fragment Bonded to a Polyhedral Oligomeric Hydroxysilsesquioxane as a Model which Gives Further Evidence to the Existence of an Unexpected Re(CO)5 Surface Species 2006 E. LucentiG. D'AlfonsoP. MacchiMARANESI, MARIO MASSIMILIANOD. RobertoA. SironiR. Ugo Article (author) -
The effect on E-stilbazoles second order NLO response by axial interaction with M(II) 5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl porphyrinates (M=Zn, Ru, Os); a new crystalline packing with very large holes 2006 E. AnnoniM. PizzottiR. UgoT. MorottiN.P. CasatiP. Macchi + Article (author) -
Un modello organometallico del comportamento emissivo (NLO o fotoluminescente) di un monostrato di cromofori organici legati ad una superficie a base silicea 2006 M. RonchiA. Orbelli BiroliM. PizzottiR. UgoP. MacchiE. Lucenti + Conference Object -
An organometallic model of the emission behaviour (NLO or photoluminescent) of a monolayer of organic cromophores bound to a silica-based surface 2006 M. RonchiA. Orbelli BiroliM. PizzottiR. UgoP. MacchiE. Lucenti + Conference Object -
Rhodiumcarboyl and diphosphine based 1D-polymers : a family of Vaska type compounds in polymeric form 2007 G. PeliP. MacchiM. DaghettaL. GarlaschelliA. Sironi Conference Object -
Photoexcitation properties of films of the hydrated and anhydrous forms of 4’-dimethylamino-N-methyl-4-stilbazolium tosylate 2007 E. CariatiE. TordinR. UgoN. CasatiP. MacchiA. Sironi + Conference Object -
Poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes by phase inversion : the role the casting and coagulation conditions play in their morphology, crystalline structure and properties 2007 P. Macchi + Article (author) -
Synthesis, platelet adhesion and cytotoxicity studies of new glycerophosphoryl-containing polyurethanes 2007 P. Macchi + Article (author) -
Improving the quality of diamond anvil cell data collected on an area detector by shading individual diamond overlaps 2007 N. CASATIP. MACCHIA. SIRONI Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 86
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