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Genetic analysis as a tool to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying seed development in maize 1-gen-2005 G. ConsonniG. GavazziS. Dolfini Article (author) -
Genetic dissection of shoot development in maize 1-gen-2006 A.P.A. GiuliniS. DolfiniG.A. GavazziG. Consonni + Book Part (author) -
Genetic dissection of shoot development in maize 1-gen-2006 A.M.P. GiuliniS. DolfiniG.A. GavazziG. Consonni + Conference Object -
The an1-4736 mutation of anther ear1 in maize alters scotomorphogenesis and the light response 1-gen-2007 M. LandoniG. GavazziA. GiuliniM. BononiG. Consonni + Article (author) -
Empty pericarp4 Encodes a Mitochondrion-Targeted Pentatricopeptide Repeat Protein Necessary for Seed Development and Plant Growth in Maize 1-gen-2007 G.A. GavazziG. Consonni + Article (author) -
A mutational approach to the study of seed development in maize 1-gen-2007 S. DolfiniG. ConsonniA. GiuliniR. PiluG. Gavazzi + Article (author) -
Germination : a crucial step in plant growth 1-gen-2008 G. GavazziM. CocucciG. ConsonniN. Negrini + Book Part (author) -
Vivipary as a tool to analyze late embryogenic events in maize 1-nov-2008 DURANTINI, DIEGOA.P.M. GiuliniA. MalgioglioS.R. PiluG.A. Gavazzi + Article (author) -
Evidence of interaction between mutants of different emp genes 27-set-2010 S. SangiorgioD. GabottiG. ConsonniG. Gavazzi Conference Object -
A viviparous mutant of maize exhibiting permanent water stress symptoms 1-mag-2011 A. GiuliniD. DurantiniA. MalgioglioP. ManzottiG. ConsonniG. Gavazzi + Article (author) -
Interaction between different genes controlling endosperm development in maize 19-giu-2011 S. SangiorgioD. GabottiMANZOTTI, PRISCILLAL. CarabelliA. MalgioglioG. ConsonniG. Gavazzi + Conference Object -
Genes interaction in maize endosperm development 17-set-2012 S. SangiorgioD. GabottiP. ManzottiL. CarabelliG. ConsonniG. Gavazzi Conference Object -
A mutational approach for the detection of genetic factors affecting seed size in maize 1-dic-2016 SANGIORGIO, STEFANOCARABELLI, LAURAGABOTTI, DAMIANOPERSICO, MARTINAG. ConsonniG. Gavazzi + Article (author) -
Impulsivity trait and proactive cognitive control: An fMRI study 1-mag-2019 Gavazzi G.Giovannelli F.Pantoni L. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 34 di 34
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