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An eye-tracker controlled cognitive battery : overcoming verbal-motor limitations in ALS 1-giu-2017 B. PolettiF. SolcaN. TicozziV. Silani + Article (author) -
X-linked Parkinsonism with Intellectual Disability caused by novel mutations and somatic mosaicism in RAB39B gene 1-nov-2017 A..B. Di FonzoVILLA, ROBERTAB. PolettiE. MonfriniV. SilaniC..M. Cinnante + Article (author) -
The Arrows and Colors Cognitive Test (ACCT) : a new verbal-motor free cognitive measure for executive functions in ALS 1-gen-2018 B. PolettiF. SolcaN. TicozziV. Silani + Article (author) -
Cognitive-behavioral longitudinal assessment in ALS : the Italian Edinburgh Cognitive and Behavioral ALS screen (ECAS) 1-gen-2018 B. PolettiF. SolcaA. MontiS. ZagoA. RattiN. TicozziV. Silani + Article (author) -
The complex interplay between depression/anxiety and executive functioning : insights from the ECAS in a large ALS Population 1-apr-2018 F. SolcaA. MontiS. ZagoA. DorettiN. TicozziV. SilaniB. Poletti + Article (author) -
Telepsychotherapy: a leaflet for psychotherapists in the age of COVID-19 : a review of the evidence 27-mag-2020 Poletti B.Ferrucci R.Silani V. + Article (author) -
Psychological Impact During the First Outbreak of COVID-19 in Italy 2-nov-2020 Ferrucci, RobertaAverna, AlbertoMarino, DanielaDini, MichelangeloPoletti, BarbaraPriori, AlbertoPravettoni, Gabriella + Article (author) -
Effectiveness of a novel cognitive rehabilitation program based on mindfulness and reminiscence in patients with Parkinson's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment: a pilot study 1-gen-2021 Dini, MRuggiero, FSolca, FPoletti, BPriori, AFerrucci, R + Article (author) -
Long-lasting cognitive impairment after COVID-19 1-giu-2021 Dini, MRosci, CBai, FPoletti, BSilani, VD'Arminio Monforte, APriori, AFerrucci, R + Article (author) -
Attachment, personality and locus of control : psychological determinants of risk perception and preventive behaviors for COVID-19 9-lug-2021 Ferrucci R.Mazzocco K.Priori A.Silani V.Pravettoni G.Poletti B. + Article (author) -
A 6-month follow-up study on worry and its impact on well-being during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic in an Italian sample 1-ott-2021 Ongaro G.Cincidda C.Sebri V.Savioni L.Triberti S.Ferrucci R.Poletti B.Dell'osso B.Pravettoni G. Article (author) -
Prolonged cognitive deficits after {COVID}-19 1-ott-2021 Michelangelo DiniRosci ChiaraBarbara PolettiAntonella D'Arminio MonforteDavide ChiumelloStefano CentanniVincenzo SilaniAlberto PrioriRoberta Ferrucci + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 32 di 32
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