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L’alimentazione dello sportivo ….e il maratoneta 1-gen-2005 Padulo J Book (author) -
Lo speciale della Corsa 1-gen-2008 J. Padulo + Book (author) -
Slopes and speed related effects on kinematic and EMG patterns in elite race walking 1-lug-2011 J. PaduloG. VernilloA. La Torre + Book Part (author) -
Throwing velocity and kinematics in elite male water polo players 1-dic-2011 Padulo J + Article (author) -
Effect of different pushing speeds on bench press 1-mag-2012 Padulo J + Article (author) -
Kinematics of running at different slopes and speeds 1-mag-2012 Padulo J + Article (author) -
Kinematic analysis of soccer players in shuttle running 1-giu-2012 Padulo J + Article (author) -
Pedaling time variability is increased in dropped riding position 1-ago-2012 Padulo J + Article (author) -
Can the knowledge of chronotype be useful for the motivation and the training plans? 1-set-2012 J.A. VitaleD. FormentiG. AlbertiF. CarandentePADULO, JOHNNY + Article (author) -
An Observational Study on the Perceptive and Physiological Variables During a 10,000-m Race Walking Competition 1-ott-2012 G. VernilloL. AgnelloJ. PaduloA. La Torre + Article (author) -
Uphill running at Iso-Efficiency Speed 1-ott-2012 Padulo J + Article (author) -
Effectiveness of perceptual training- proprioceptive feedback in a virtual visual diverse group of healthy subjects: A pilot study 1-gen-2013 J. Padulo + Article (author) -
EMG amplitude of the biceps femoris during jumping compared to landing movements 1-gen-2013 J. Padulo + Article (author) -
Physical fitness and academic performance in high school students 1-gen-2013 L. PuglieseM. BonatoA. La TorrePADULO, JOHNNY + Article (author) -
Footstep analysis at different slopes and speeds in elite racewalking 1-gen-2013 J. PaduloG. Vernillo + Article (author) -
Footstep Manipulation During Uphill Running 1-mar-2013 Padulo J + Article (author) -
The Place Kick in Rugby 1-giu-2013 Padulo J + Article (author) -
Concentric and eccentric: Muscle contraction or exercise? 1-giu-2013 J. Padulo + Article (author) -
Concentric and Eccentric: Muscle Contraction or Exercise? 1-lug-2013 J. Padulo + Article (author) -
Uphill Race Walking At Iso-Efficiency Speed 1-lug-2013 J. PaduloG. VernilloA. La Torre + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 237
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