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Pitfalls at the root of facial assessment on photographs : a quantitative study of accuracy in positioning facial landmarks 1-mag-2013 M. CummaudoL. MarasciuoloD. GibelliP. PoppaC. Cattaneo + Article (author) -
Towards a method for determining age ranges from faces of juveniles on photographs 1-giu-2014 M. CummaudoD. GibelliP. PoppaC. Cattaneo + Article (author) -
Histological determination of the human origin from dry bone : a cautionary note for subadults 1-gen-2016 G. CacciaV. M. TagiD. G. A. PortaM. CummaudoC. Cattaneo + Article (author) -
The Issue of Age Estimation in a Modern Skeletal Population : Are Even the More Modern Current Aging Methods Satisfactory for the Elderly? 1-gen-2017 Cappella A.Cummaudo M.Collini F.Cattaneo C. + Article (author) -
Swine cortical and cancellous bone: histomorphometric and densitometric characterisation 1-gen-2017 Andreis Maria ElenaCummaudo MarcoPolito UmbertoLuciano Alberto MariaCattaneo CristinaDi Giancamillo MauroDi Giancamillo AlessiaModina Silvia Clotilde Article (author) -
Third-based facial similarities and differences of monozygotic twins : a stereophotogrammetric 3D assessment 1-ott-2017 V. PucciarelliD. GibelliD. De AngelisP. PoppaM. CummaudoM. CodariC. DolciC. Sforza Book Part (author) -
Sex Assessment from the Volume of the First Metatarsal Bone : A Comparison of Linear and Volume Measurements 20-nov-2017 D.M. GibelliP. PoppaM. CummaudoA. CappellaD. MazzarelliM. ZagoC. SforzaC. CattaneoMATTIA, MIRKO + Article (author) -
Three-dimensional facial anatomy evaluation: Reliability of laser scanner consecutive scans procedure in comparison with stereophotogrammetry 1-gen-2018 Daniele GibelliValentina pucciarelliPasquale PoppaMarco CummaudoClaudia DolciCristina CattaneoChiarella Sforza Article (author) -
3D-3D facial superimposition between monozygotic twins: A novel morphological approach to the assessment of differences due to environmental factors 1-gen-2018 D. GibelliV. PucciarelliP. PoppaD. De AngelisCummaudo, MarcoL. PisoniM. CodariC. CattaneoC. Sforza Article (author) -
A comparative analysis of microscopic alterations in modern and ancient undecalcified and decalcified dry bones 1-feb-2018 Caruso, ValentinaCummaudo, MarcoCappella, AnnalisaCattaneo, Cristina + Article (author) -
3D quantitative analysis of early decomposition changes of the human face 1-mar-2018 Z. CaplovaD. M. GibelliP. PoppaM. CummaudoZ. ObertovaC. SforzaC. Cattaneo Article (author) -
Histomorphological analysis of the variability of the human skeleton : forensic implications 1-set-2018 Cummaudo, MarcoCappella, AnnalisaCattaneo, Cristina + Article (author) -
Histomorphometric analysis of osteocyte lacunae in human and pig : exploring its potential for species discrimination 1-gen-2019 Cummaudo M.Cappella A.Cattaneo C. + Article (author) -
The Utility of Skeletal and Surgical Features for the Personal Identification Process : a Pilot Study 1-nov-2019 Cappella, AnnalisaGibelli, DanieleObertová, ZuzanaCummaudo, MarcoCastoldi, ElisaDe Angelis, DaniloSforza, ChiarellaCattaneo, Cristina Article (author) -
Sex estimation of skeletons in middle and late adulthood : reliability of pelvic morphological traits and long bone metrics on an Italian skeletal collection 1-gen-2020 Cummaudo M.Biehler Gomez L.Cattaneo C. + Article (author) -
Histomorphometric analysis of the variability of the human skeleton : forensic implications 1-lug-2020 Cummaudo M.Cappella A.Cattaneo C. + Article (author) -
Analysis of interrater reliability in age assessment of minors: how does expertise influence the evaluation? 1-gen-2021 Franceschetti L.Merelli V. G.Corona S.Maggioni L.Cummaudo M.Tritella S.De Angelis D.Cattaneo C. + Article (author) -
Age estimation in the living: a scoping review of population data for skeletal and dental methods 1-gen-2021 Marco CummaudoDanilo De AngelisVera MerelliCristina Cattaneo + Article (author) -
The “forensic paradox” of aging unaccompanied minors in the migration crisis: Why medicine and forensics are a must 1-apr-2021 Cummaudo M.De Angelis D.Cattaneo C. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 19 di 19
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