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Role of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rad53 checkpoint kinase in signaling double-strand breaks during the meiotic cell cycle 1-gen-2008 Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
DNA double-strand breaks in meiosis : Checking their formation, processing and repair 1-gen-2009 Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
The MRX complex plays multiple functions in resection of Yku- and Rif2-protected DNA ends 1-gen-2010 Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
Processing of meiotic DNA double strand breaks requires cyclin-dependent kinase and multiple nucleases 1-gen-2010 Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
Mechanisms and regulation of DNA end resection 1-gen-2010 Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
G1/S and G2/M cyclin-dependent kinase activities commit cells to death in the absence of the S-phase checkpoint 1-gen-2012 Manfrini N.Trovesi C. + Article (author) -
Regulation of the DNA damage response by cyclin-dependent kinases 1-gen-2013 Trovesi C.Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
Working hard at the nexus between cell signaling and the ribosomal machinery : An insight into the roles of RACK1 in translational regulation 1-gen-2015 Manfrini, N + Article (author) -
RNA-processing proteins regulate Mec1/ATR activation by promoting generation of RPA-coated ssDNA 1-feb-2015 Manfrini N.Trovesi C. + Article (author) -
Resection is responsible for loss of transcription around a double-strand break in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1-lug-2015 Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
Translational control by mTOR-independent routes: How eIF6 organizes metabolism 1-gen-2016 S. RicciardiN. ManfriniS. OlivetoS. Biffo + Article (author) -
Role of microRNAs in translation regulation and cancer 26-feb-2017 S. OlivetoN. ManfriniS. Biffo + Article (author) -
Data on the effects of eIF6 downmodulation on the proportions of innate and adaptive immune system cell subpopulations and on thymocyte maturation 1-ott-2017 Manfrini, NicolaRicciardi, SaraScagliola, AlessandraGallo, SimoneBiffo, Stefano + Article (author) -
High levels of eukaryotic Initiation Factor 6 (eIF6) are required for immune system homeostasis and for steering the glycolytic flux of TCR-stimulated CD4+T cells in both mice and humans 1-dic-2017 Manfrini, NicolaRicciardi, SaraMiluzio, AnnaritaScagliola, AlessandraGALLO, SIMONEBiffo, Stefano + Article (author) -
Crosstalks between translation and metabolism in cancer 1-feb-2018 S. BiffoN. ManfriniRICCIARDI, SARA Article (author) -
Rack1 specifically regulates translation through its binding to ribosomes 1-dic-2018 Gallo, SimoneRicciardi, SaraManfrini, NicolaOliveto, StefaniaCalamita, PieraMaffioli, ElisaBerno, ValeriaTedeschi, GabriellaPESCE, ELISABiffo, Stefano + Article (author) -
The Translational Machinery of Human CD4+ T Cells Is Poised for Activation and Controls the Switch from Quiescence to Metabolic Remodeling 4-dic-2018 Ricciardi, SaraManfrini, NicolaPagani, MassimilianoAbrignani, SergioBiffo, Stefano + Article (author) -
Ribosomal RACK1 promotes proliferation of neuroblastoma cells independently of global translation upregulation 1-gen-2019 Manfrini N. + Article (author) -
Discovery and Preliminary Characterization of Translational Modulators that Impair the Binding of eIF6 to 60S Ribosomal Subunits 1-gen-2020 Pesce, ElisaMiluzio, AnnaritaMinici, ClaudiaCalamita, PieraManfrini, NicolaOliveto, StefaniaRicciardi, SaraBiffo, Stefano + Article (author) -
FAM46C and FNDC3A are multiple myeloma tumor suppressors that act in concert to impair clearing of protein aggregates and autophagy 1-gen-2020 Manfrini, NicolaMancino, MarilenaMiluzio, AnnaritaOliveto, StefaniaBalestra, MatteoCalamita, PieraBonaldi, TizianaBiffo, Stefano + Article (author) -
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