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Gene function and expression level influence the insertion/fixation dynamics of distinct transposon families in mammalian introns 20-dic-2006 Manuela SironiGiacomo P. ComiMatteo CeredaRachele CaglianiNereo Bresolin + Article (author) -
Integrating current knowledge to predict mutations effect on splicing 1-gen-2007 M. CeredaG.P. Comi + Conference Object -
Gene function, expression level and sequence conservation inflence the insert/fixation dynamics of distinct transposon familes in mammalian introns 4-lug-2007 R. CaglianiG.P. ComiM. CeredaN. Bresolin + Conference Object -
Extensive analysis of human blood group antigen genes suggest non neutral evolution at multiple loci. 1-gen-2008 M. CeredaR. CaglianiG.P. ComiN. BresolinM. Sironi + Conference Object -
Wavelet based sequence alignment. 1-gen-2008 M. CeredaM. SironiG.P. ComiN. BresolinR.A. Cagliani + Conference Object -
Splice site position specific conservation between human and chimpanzee. 1-gen-2008 M. CeredaM. SironiG.P. ComiN. BresolinR.A. Cagliani + Conference Object -
Analisi estese dei geni per antigeni dei gruppi sanguigni umani suggeriscono una evoluzione non neutra in più loci. 1-gen-2008 M. CeredaR. CaglianiG.P. ComiN. BresolinM. Sironi + Conference Object -
Both selective and neutral processes drive GC content evolution in the human genome 27-mar-2008 M. CeredaG.P. ComiR.A. CaglianiN. BresolinM. Sironi + Article (author) -
A complex selection signature at the human AVPR1B gene 1-giu-2009 R. CaglianiM. CeredaGP ComiN. BresolinM. Sironi + Article (author) -
Clinical and molecular characterization of a cohort of patients with novel nucleotide alterations of the Dystrophin gene detected by direct sequencing 11-mar-2011 F.M.B. MagriR. Del BoM.G.N. D'AngeloA. GovoniS. GandossiniA. BordoniS. TedeschiF.R. FortunatoV. LucchiniM. CeredaS.P CortiN. BresolinG.P. Comi + Article (author) -
Characterizing the RNA targets and position-dependent splicing regulation by TDP-43 1-apr-2011 Cereda M. + Article (author) -
GeCo++: A C++ library for genomic features computation and annotation in the presence of variants 1-mag-2011 Cereda M. + Article (author) -
Recessive Cancer Genes Engage in Negative Genetic Interactions with Their Functional Paralogs 26-dic-2013 M. CeredaS. MarchesiP.P. Di Fiore + Article (author) -
RNAmotifs : Prediction of multivalent RNA motifs that control alternative splicing 31-gen-2014 Cereda M. + Article (author) -
Deep sequencing of the X chromosome reveals the proliferation history of colorectal adenomas 1-ago-2014 F. IannelliM. CeredaV. MelocchiG. Basso + Article (author) -
Genetic Redundancy, Functional Compensation, and Cancer Vulnerability 4-apr-2016 Cereda M. + Article (author) -
Patients with genetically heterogeneous synchronous colorectal cancer carry rare damaging germline mutations in immune-related genes 5-lug-2016 Cereda M.Benedetti L.Iannelli F. + Article (author) -
Synthetic lethal interaction between the tumour suppressor STAG2 and its paralog STAG1 1-gen-2017 Benedetti L.Cereda M. + Article (author) -
MEGA-V : Detection of variant gene sets in patient cohorts 15-apr-2017 Cereda M.Benedetti L. + Article (author) -
Dysregulation of splicing-related proteins in prostate cancer is controlled by FOXA1 31-dic-2018 Matteo Cereda + Article (author) -
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