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No adaptations in muscle architecture after 12 weeks of static stretching in young healthy participants 1-lug-2018 Longo S.Cè E.Bisconti A. V.Limonta E.Rampichini S.Shokohyar S.Coratella G.Esposito F. Book Part (author) -
Respiratory muscle training in neurodegenerative disease: the state of art 1-ott-2018 S. RampichiniC. DoriaE. LimontaM. BorrelliS. LongoG. CoratellaS. ShokohyarL. GalassoA. MontaruliE. CèF. Esposito Article (author) -
Effects of isolated muscle training on central and peripheral vasomotor response and blood flow 1-ott-2018 E. CèA. V. BiscontiS. LongoS. RampichiniE. LimontaG. CoratellaS. ShokohyarC. DoriaL. GalassoE. RovedaF. Esposito Article (author) -
Rest-activity circadian rhythm in women with metabolic syndrome 1-ott-2018 A. MulèL. CastelliL. GalassoE. BrunoS. LongoS. ShokohyarA. CaumoA. MontaruliF. EspositoE. Roveda + Article (author) -
Fat content and muscle quality of the quadriceps muscle assessed by electrical impedance myography: correlations with ultrasound measurements 1-ott-2018 S. LongoE. CèA. V. BiscontiS. RampichiniE. LimontaS. ShokohyarL. GalassoG. CoratellaF. Esposito Article (author) -
Assessment of work load intensity in respiratory muscle training 1-ott-2018 Doria ChristianEmiliano Ce’Stefano LongoAngela MontaruliGiuseppe CoratellaEloisa LimontaSheida ShokohyarSusanna RampichiniFabio Esposito Article (author) -
Effects of the acute carnosine and beta-alanine supplementation on the cardio-respiratory parameters during exhaustive cycle exercise 1-ott-2018 S. ShokohyarE. LimontaS. RampichiniE. CèS. LongoG. CoratellaL. GalassoF. Esposito Article (author) -
Evidence of Improved Vascular Function in the Arteries of Trained but Not Untrained Limbs After Isolated Knee-Extension Training 1-gen-2019 Bisconti, Angela ValentinaCè, EmilianoLongo, StefanoVenturelli, MassimoCoratella, GiuseppeShokohyar, SheidaRampichini, SusannaLimonta, EloisaEsposito, Fabio + Article (author) -
Quadriceps and Gastrocnemii Anatomical Cross-Sectional Area and Vastus Lateralis Fascicle Length Predict Peak-Power and Time-To-Peak-Power 1-gen-2019 Coratella, GiuseppeLongo, StefanoRampichini, SusannaLimonta, EloisaShokohyar, SheidaBisconti, Angela ValentinaCè, EmilianoEsposito, Fabio Article (author) -
Differences in electromechanical delay components induced by sex, age and physical activity level : new insights from a combined electromyographic, mechanomyographic and force approach 28-giu-2019 Ce E.Bisconti A. V.Rampichini S.Longo S.Coratella G.Shokohyar S.Doria C.Borrelli M.Limonta E.Esposito F. + Article (author) -
Fat content and muscle quality of the quadriceps muscle assessed by electrical impedance monography: correlatiions with ultrasound measurements 1-lug-2019 LONGO S.CÈ E.CORATELLA G.DORIA C.RAMPICHINI S.SHOKOHYAR S.BORRELLI M.LIMONTA E.ESPOSITO F. Book Part (author) -
Cardiorespiratory and metabolic responses to different sinusoidal workload 1-set-2019 Sheida ShokohyarMarta BorrelliEmiliano CèChristian DoriaGiuseppe CoratellaStefano LongoAntonino MulèEloisa LimontaSusanna RampichiniFabio Esposito Article (author) -
Acute muscle stretching does not alter balance control ability: the compensative role of neuromuscular activation 1-set-2019 E. CèS. LongoS. ShokohyarG. CoratellaA. V. BiscontiS. RampichiniM. BorrelliC. DoriaL. GalassoE. LimontaF. Esposito Article (author) -
Influences of physical level and chronotype on sleep during aging 1-set-2019 L. CastelliA. Mule`L. GalassoE. BrunoS. ShokohyarA. MontaruliF. EspositoE. Roveda Article (author) -
Ultrasound evaluation of diaphragm functionality: relationship with standard and imaging approaches 1-set-2019 Susanna RampichiniChristian DoriaEloisa LimontaSheida ShokohyarStefano LongoGiuseppe CoratellaLucia CastelliEmiliano CèFabio Esposito + Article (author) -
Effect of long-term passive stretching of the knee extensor and plantar flexor muscles on vascular function 30-set-2019 Fabio EspositoAngela Valentina BiscontiStefano LongoSheida ShokohyarSusanna RampichiniChristian DoriaEloisa LimontaGiuseppe CoratellaEmiliano Cè. + Article (author) -
Physical activity, chronotype and sleep in a sample of Italian elderly population 1-mar-2020 Lucia CastelliLetizia GalassoAntonino MulèEleonora BrunoSheida ShokohyarFabio EspositoAngela MontaruliEliana Roveda Article (author) -
Changes in energy system contributions to the Wingate anaerobic test in climbers after a high altitude expedition 1-lug-2020 Doria C.Bisconti A. V.Shokohyar S.Rampichini S.Limonta E.Coratella G.Longo S.Ce E.Esposito F. + Article (author) -
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