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Dacarbazine in solitary fibrous tumor : a case series analysis and preclinical evidence vis-à-vis temozolomide and antiangiogenics 1-gen-2013 D. CominettiP.G. Casali + Article (author) -
Preclinical and clinical evidence of activity of pazopanib in solitary fibrous tumour 1-gen-2014 D. CominettiP.G. Casali + Article (author) -
Antitumor activity of a novel homodimeric SMAC mimetic in ovarian carcinoma 6-gen-2014 D. CominettiL. BelvisiD. PotenzaE. MoroniF. VasileE. ScanzianiP. Seneci + Article (author) -
Synergistic cooperation between sunitinib and cisplatin promotes apoptotic cell death in human medullary thyroid cancer 1-feb-2014 D. CominettiV. CastiglioniE. Scanziani + Article (author) -
Maspin influences response to doxorubicin by changing the tumor microenvironment organization 15-giu-2014 D. CominettiA. Balsari + Article (author) -
Targeting the invasive phenotype of cisplatin-resistant non-small lung cancer cells by a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor 15-mar-2015 D. CominettiE. ScanzianiV. Castiglioni + Article (author) -
Patient-derived solitary fibrous tumour xenografts predict high sensitivity to doxorubicin/dacarbazine combination confirmed in the clinic and highlight the potential effectiveness of trabectedin or eribulin against this tumour 1-gen-2017 S. StacchiottiCOMINETTI, DENISPROVENZANO, SALVATORET. NegriRENNE, SALVATORE LORENZOP. G. Casali + Article (author) -
miR-875-5p counteracts epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and enhances radiation response in prostate cancer through repression of the EGFR-ZEB1 axis 1-gen-2017 COMINETTI, DENISR. ValdagniP. Gandellini + Article (author) -
Supersulfated low-molecular weight heparin synergizes with IGF1R/IR inhibitor to suppress synovial sarcoma growth and metastases 1-gen-2018 Cominetti, DenisScanziani, EugenioMinoli, Lucia + Article (author) -
Comparative assessment of antitumor effects and autophagy induction as a resistance mechanism by cytotoxics and EZH2 inhibition in INI1-negative epithelioid sarcoma patient-derived xenograft 1-gen-2019 Cominetti D.Monti V.Casali P. G. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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