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PocketPlant3D: Analysing canopy structure using a smartphone 1-dic-2017 R. ConfalonieriL. PaleariM. FoiE. MovediF.M. VeselyW. ThoelkeS. TartariniA. GhilardiL. Rossini + Article (author) -
Quantifying Uncertainty Due to Stochastic Weather Generators in Climate Change Impact Studies 1-gen-2019 Vesely F. M.Paleari L.Movedi E.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
Development of generic crop models for simulation of multi-species plant communities in mown grasslands 1-gen-2019 Movedi E.Paleari L.Vesely F.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
Estimating crop nutritional status using smart apps to support nitrogen fertilization. A case study on paddy rice 25-feb-2019 Paleari L.Movedi E.Vesely F. M.Thoelke W.Tartarini S.Foi M.Nutini F.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
A simple pipeline for the assessment of legacy soil datasets: An example and test with soil organic carbon from a highly variable area 1-apr-2019 Schillaci, CalogeroAcutis, MarcoVesely, Fosco + Article (author) -
Tailoring parameter distributions to specific germplasm : impact on crop model-based ideotyping 1-dic-2019 L. PaleariE. MovediF. M. VeselyR. Confalonieri Article (author) -
May smart technologies reduce the environmental impact of nitrogen fertilization? A case study for paddy rice 1-mag-2020 Bacenetti J.Paleari L.Tartarini S.Vesely F. M.Foi M.Movedi E.Ravasi R. A.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
Ideotype definition to adapt legumes to climate change : A case study for field pea in Northern Italy 15-set-2020 R. A. RavasiL. PaleariF. M. VeselyE. MovediW. ThoelkeR. Confalonieri Article (author) -
Analysis of the Similarity between in Silico Ideotypes and Phenotypic Profiles to Support Cultivar Recommendation: A Case Study on Phaseolus vulgaris L. 7-nov-2020 L. PaleariF. M. VeselyR. A. RavasiE. MovediS. TartariniM. InvernizziR. Confalonieri Article (author) -
Biophysical models and meta-modelling to reduce the basis risk in index-based insurance: A case study on winter cereals in Italy 15-apr-2021 Tartarini S.Vesely F.Movedi E.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
Decomposing complex traits through crop modelling to support cultivar recommendation. A proof of concept with focus on phenology and field pea 1-gen-2022 Paleari, LiviaMovedi, ErmesVesely, Fosco M.Confalonieri, Roberto + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 11 di 11
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