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From vegetable food waste to earthworms as novel food/feed: microbial hazard identification 1-gen-2016 D. TedescoM. CastricaC. Balzaretti + Book Part (author) -
Risk assessment in the recovery of food for social solidarity purposes: preliminary data 1-dic-2016 M. CastricaS. RattiA. BaldiC.M. Balzaretti + Article (author) -
Evaluation of polyphenolic content and antioxidant activity in agri-food wastes and by-products using chemical and physiological extraction 1-gen-2017 M. CastricaC. GirominiR. RebucciD. GottardoV. BontempoA. Baldi Article (author) -
Food waste : l'importanza della formazione 1-apr-2017 C.M. BalzarettiCASTRICA, MARTAS. Ratti + Article (author) -
Food safety in food services in lombardy : proposal for an inspection-scoring model 1-giu-2017 Balzaretti, Claudia M.Razzini, KatiaRatti, SabrinaChiesa, Luca M.Panseri, SaraCastrica, Marta + Article (author) -
Feasibility of biodegradable based packaging used for red meat storage during shelf-life : a pilot study 1-gen-2018 S. PanseriP. A. MartinoP. CagnardiD. TedescoM. CastricaC. BalzarettiL. M. Chiesa + Article (author) -
Pet food as the most concrete strategy for using food waste as feedstuffwithin the European context : a feasibility study 15-giu-2018 Castrica, MartaTedesco, Doriana E. A.Panseri, SaraFerrazzi, GiovanniVentura, VeraFrisio, Dario G.Balzaretti, Claudia M. Article (author) -
Total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of agri-food waste and by-products 27-dic-2018 Castrica, M.Rebucci, R.Giromini, C.Tretola, M.Cattaneo, D.Baldi, A. Article (author) -
Evaluation of Smart Portable Device for Food Diagnostics : a Preliminary Study on Cape Hake Fillets (M. capensis and M. paradoxus) 1-feb-2019 Castrica, MartaPanseri, SaraSiletti, ElenaBorgonovo, FedericaChiesa, LucaBalzaretti, Claudia M. Article (author) -
Introduction of the nudging method in penitentiary facilities in Italy in view of food waste reduction : preliminary data 1-mar-2019 Marta CastricaSabrina RattiClaudia M. Balzaretti + Article (author) -
Safety assessment: from fruit and vegetable waste to earthworm as feed sources 1-giu-2019 Doriana E. A. TedescoMarta CastricaClaudia M. BalzarettiSara Panseri Article (author) -
Edible earthworms in a food safety perspective : preliminary data 3-giu-2019 Conti, C.Castrica, M.Balzaretti, C. M.Tedesco, D. E. A. Article (author) -
Exploring the landscape of Innovative “from food to feed” strategies : a review 1-lug-2019 Giovanni FerrazziVera VenturaClaudia Maria BalzarettiMarta Castrica Article (author) -
Improving the overall sustainability of the school meal chain: the role of portion sizes 1-gen-2020 Balzaretti, C. M.Ventura, V.Ferrazzi, G.Carruba, M. O.Castrica, M. + Article (author) -
Rapid safety and quality control during fish shelf-life by using a portable device 1-gen-2020 M. CastricaL. M. ChiesaM. NobileF. De BattistiE. SilettiD. PessinaS. PanseriC. M. Balzaretti Article (author) -
When Pet Snacks Look Like Children's Toys! The Potential Role of Pet Snacks in Transmission of Bacterial Zoonotic Pathogens in the Household 1-gen-2020 M. CastricaS. PanseriC. M. Balzaretti + Article (author) -
Validation study on new isothermal container for hot ready to eat food in catering establishments: Preliminary results 1-gen-2020 Marta CastricaKatia RazziniSara PanseriClaudia M. Balzaretti Article (author) -
The sustainability of urban food systems : the case of mozzarella production in the city of Milan 17-gen-2020 M. CastricaV. VenturaS. PanseriG. FerrazziD. TedescoC. M. Balzaretti Article (author) -
From a food safety prospective: The role of earthworms as food and feed in assuring food security and in valuing food waste 1-mag-2020 Tedesco D. E. A.Castrica M.Panseri S.Balzaretti C. M. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 36
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