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Turnover and availability of soil organic carbon under different Mediterranean land-uses as estimated by C-13 natural abundance 1-gen-2013 Schillaci C. + Article (author) -
Terrain analysis and landform recognition 1-gen-2015 Schillaci, Calogero + Article (author) -
Assessment of gully erosion in the Upper Awash, Central Ethiopian highlands based on a comparison of archived aerial photographs and very high resolution satellite images 1-gen-2016 Schillaci C. + Article (author) -
Analysis of the influence of tectonics on the evolution of valley networks based on Srtm Dem, Jemma River basin, Ethiopia 1-gen-2016 Schillaci C. + Article (author) -
Modelling the topsoil carbon stock of agricultural lands with the Stochastic Gradient Treeboost in a semi-arid Mediterranean region 1-gen-2017 C. SchillaciM. Acutis + Article (author) -
Spatio-temporal topsoil organic carbon mapping of a semi-arid Mediterranean region : the role of land use, soil texture, topographic indices and the influence of remote sensing data to modelling 1-dic-2017 C. SchillaciM. Acutis + Article (author) -
Morphometric terrain analysis to explore present day geohazards and paleolandscape forms and features in the surroundings of the Melka Kunture prehistoric site, Upper Awash Valley, Central Ethiopia 1-gen-2018 Schillaci, Calogero + Article (author) -
Modeling soil organic carbon with Quantile Regression : dissecting predictors' effects on carbon stocks 15-mag-2018 C. Schillaci + Article (author) -
Modelling of soil organic carbon in the Mediterranean area: A systematic map 1-nov-2018 Schillaci, CalogeroAcutis, Marco + Article (author) -
Agro-environmental aspects of conservation agriculture compared to conventional systems : A 3-year experience on 20 farms in the Po valley (Northern Italy) 1-gen-2019 Perego, A.Schillaci, C.Chiodini, M. E.Acutis, M. + Article (author) -
A simple pipeline for the assessment of legacy soil datasets: An example and test with soil organic carbon from a highly variable area 1-apr-2019 Schillaci, CalogeroAcutis, MarcoVesely, Fosco + Article (author) -
Assessment of forest biomass and carbon stocks at stand level using site-specific primary data to support forest management 1-mag-2019 Luca NoniniCalogero SchillaciMarco Fiala Conference Object -
Comparison between geostatistical and machine learning models as predictors of topsoil organic carbon with a focus on local uncertainty estimation 1-giu-2019 C. Schillaci + Article (author) -
Geomorphological processes, forms and features in the surroundings of the Melka Kunture Palaeolithic site, Ethiopia 3-lug-2019 Schillaci C. + Article (author) -
Assessment of Forest Biomass and Carbon Stocks at Stand Level Using Site-Specific Primary Data to Support Forest Management 1-gen-2020 Nonini, LucaSchillaci, CalogeroFiala, Marco Book Part (author) -
Precision farming and IoT case studies across the world 1-gen-2020 Calogero Schillaci + Book Part (author) -
SOC modelling and cropping system managements in contrasting climatic conditions 1-mag-2020 Marco AcutisAlessia PeregoCalogero Schillaci + Article (author) -
A Probabilistic Assessment of Soil Erosion Susceptibility in a Head Catchment of the Jemma Basin, Ethiopian Highlands 1-giu-2020 Calogero Schillaci + Article (author) -
Can conservation agriculture increase soil carbon sequestration? A modelling approach 15-giu-2020 Alessia PeregoCalogero SchillaciMarco Acutis + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 31
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