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Dynamics and regulatory mechanisms involved in immature oocyte chromatin remodeling 1-gen-2016 V. LoddeS.C. ModinaM.E. AndreisL. TerzaghiA.M. Luciano Article (author) -
Dog Craniometry : a Cadaveric Study 1-gen-2016 M.E. AndreisM. Di GiancamilloM. FaustiniM.C. VeronesiS.C. Modina Article (author) -
Use of the bolus tracking technique for the tomographic evaluation of the uretero-vesicular junction in dogs and assessment of dose records 29-mar-2016 M. LongoM.E. AndreisG. RavasioD. De ZaniM. Di GiancamilloD.D. Zani + Article (author) -
Investigation on skeletal development in small-sized breed newborn dogs: anatomic and radiographic findings obtained by spontaneously died animals 1-set-2016 S.C. ModinaM.C. VeronesiM.E. AndreisV. LoddeB. BolisM. DI GIANCAMILLO Article (author) -
Imaging options for feline injection-site sarcoma (ISS) 1-gen-2017 Mauro Di GiancamilloMaria Elena AndreisMaurizio LongoJessica BassiDonatella De ZaniRoberta FerrariDamiano StefanelloDavide Danilo Zani Book Part (author) -
Canine soft tissue sarcomas (STSS): multimodal imaging approach 1-gen-2017 Mauro Di GiancamilloMaria Elena AndreisMaurizio LongoJessica BassiDonatella De ZaniRoberta FerrariDamiano StefanelloDavide Danilo Zani Book Part (author) -
Swine cortical and cancellous bone: histomorphometric and densitometric characterisation 1-gen-2017 Andreis Maria ElenaCummaudo MarcoPolito UmbertoLuciano Alberto MariaCattaneo CristinaDi Giancamillo MauroDi Giancamillo AlessiaModina Silvia Clotilde Article (author) -
Meniscus maturation in the swine model: role of endostatin in cellular differentiation 25-mag-2017 Polito U.Deponti D.Tessaro I.Aidos L.Andreis M. E.Peretti G.Domeneghini C.Di Giancamillo A. Conference Object -
Hindlimb secondary ossification centres abnormalities in 12 Dobermann littermates with unilateral quadriceps contracture: CT- study 19-set-2017 Maria Elena AndreisSilvia Clotilde ModinaUmberto PolitoAlessia Di GiancamilloMaria Cristina VeronesiMauro Di Giancamillo + Article (author) -
Planar bone scintigraphy and CT findings in dogs with forelimb lameness 1-gen-2018 Jessica BassiMartina ManfrediMauro Di GiancamilloVanessa RabbogliattiMaria Elena AndreisDavide Danilo Zani Book Part (author) -
Novel contributions in canine craniometry : anatomic and radiographic measurements in newborn puppies 8-mag-2018 M. E. AndreisU. PolitoM. C. VeronesiM. FaustiniM. Di GiancamilloS. C. Modina Article (author) -
Dynamic tomographic studies of interscapular feline injection-site sarcoma : essential or useless practice? 1-giu-2018 M. LongoD. ZaniR. FerrariJ. BassiM. AndreisD. StefanelloC. GiudiceV. GriecoM. Di Giancamillo + Article (author) -
Ultrastructural and matrix evaluation of morpho-functional age-related changes in dog meniscus 25-lug-2018 Polito U.Andreis M. E.Veronesi M. C.Peretti G. M.Modina S.Carnevale L.Di Giancamillo A. + Conference Object -
Honeybee pupal length assessed by CT-scan technique : effects of Varroa infestation, developmental stage and spatial position within the brood comb 1-gen-2019 Facchini, ElenaAndreis, Maria ElenaDi Giancamillo, MauroRizzi, RitaMortarino, Michele + Article (author) -
Cervical cystic lymphangioma in a young dog: CT findings 1-gen-2019 Jessica BassiMaria Elena AndreisMartina ManfrediVanessa RabbogliattiDavide Danilo ZaniMauro Di Giancamillo Book Part (author) -
Age assessment in puppies : coming to terms with forensic requests 1-apr-2019 Modina, S. C.Andreis, M. E.Di Giancamillo, M. + Article (author) -
Swine Meniscus : Are Femoral-Tibial Surfaces Properly Tuned to Bear the Forces Exerted on the Tissue? 1-lug-2019 Peretti, GPolito, UmbertoDi Giancamillo, MauroAndreis, Maria ElenaDi Giancamillo, Alessia + Article (author) -
Clinical anatomy of the meniscus in animal models: pros and cons 1-ago-2020 Polito, UAndreis, M EDi Giancamillo, AModina, S CScurati, RMichielon, GLombardo, M D MDi Giancamillo, MMangiavini, LBrambilla, LPeretti, G M + Article (author) -
Hind limb ossification centre hypoplasia and deformities induced by quadriceps contracture : Radiographic and Computed Tomographic study in 13 Doberman Pinscher littermates 1-mar-2021 Maria Elena AndreisUmberto PolitoSilvia Clotilde ModinaMaria Cristina VeronesiAlessia Di GiancamilloPaola RoccabiancaMauro Di Giancamillo + Article (author) -
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