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Evaluation of pituitary function after infectious meningitis in childhood 6-ott-2014 C. GiavoliC. TagliabueE. ProfkaL. SenatoreS. BergamaschiG. RodariP. Beck-PeccozS. Esposito + Article (author) -
Analysis of short- and long-term metabolic effects of growth hormone replacement therapy in adult patients with craniopharyngioma and non-functioning pituitary adenoma 1-gen-2015 Profka E.Giavoli C.Malchiodi E.Sala E.Rodari G.Spada A. + Article (author) -
Recurrence of hyperprolactinemia following dopamine agonist withdrawal and possible predictive factors of recurrence in prolactinomas 1-gen-2016 E. SalaE. MalchiodiE. VerruaCAROSI, GIULIAE. ProfkaG. RodariM. FilopantiE. FerranteA. SpadaG. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Birmingham epidermolysis severity score and vitamin D status are associated with low BMD in children with epidermolysis bullosa 1-gen-2017 RODARI, GIULIAMANZONI, FRANCESCA MARIA PAOLAE. ProfkaBERGAMASCHI, SARASPADA, ADRIANAC. GiavoliS. Esposito + Article (author) -
Focus on GH deficiency and thyroid function 1-feb-2017 Giavoli, ClaudiaProfka, EriseldaRodari, GiuliaLania, AndreaBeck-Peccoz, Paolo Article (author) -
Central hypothyroidism - a neglected thyroid disorder 1-ott-2017 Beck-Peccoz P.Rodari G.Giavoli C.Lania A. Article (author) -
Pediatric dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in clinical practice : what the clinicians need to know 1-ago-2018 Messina C.LASTELLA, GIULIASORCE, SALVATORERodari G.Giavoli C. + Article (author) -
Progressive bone impairment with age and pubertal development in neurofibromatosis type I 27-ago-2018 Rodari, GiuliaScuvera, G.Profka, E.Esposito, S.Ferrante, E.Eller-Vainicher, C.Esposito, S.Arosio, M.Giavoli, C. + Article (author) -
A nutrition-based approach to epidermolysis bullosa: Causes, assessments, requirements and management 1-gen-2019 Rossetti D.Grassi F. S.Marchisio P.Agostoni C.Giavoli C.Rodari G. + Article (author) -
Final height in growth hormone-deficient childhood cancer survivors after growth hormone therapy 1-gen-2019 Rodari, G + Article (author) -
Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) and Bone Metabolism in Patients Affected with Type 1 Neurofibromatosis (NF1) 1-feb-2019 C. GiavoliG. RodariM. Arosio + Article (author) -
Determinants of outcome of transsphenoidal surgery for Cushing disease in a single-centre series 1-mag-2020 G. Del SindacoG. CarosiR. IndirliG. RodariC. GiavoliM. LocatelliG. MarfiaG. MantovaniM. ArosioE. Ferrante + Article (author) -
A case of testicular atrophy associated with cystic fibrosis 1-set-2020 Profka E.Rodari G.Giacchetti F.Arosio M.Giavoli C.Colombo C. + Article (author) -
Growth hormone therapy at the time of Covid-19 pandemic: adherence and drug supply issues. 1-ott-2020 C. GiavoliE. ProfkaN. GiancolaG. RodariF. GiacchettiM. ArosioG. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Adrenal insufficiency at the time of COVID-19: a retrospective study in patients referring to a tertiary centre 1-gen-2021 G. CarosiG. Del SindacoA. CremaschiS. FrigerioG. RodariE. ProfkaR. IndirliC. GiavoliM. ArosioG. Mantovani + Article (author) -
Case Report: Late-Onset Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Acute Covid-19 Infection in a Pregnant Woman: Multidisciplinary Management 15-gen-2021 C. GiavoliG. RodariC. PietrasantaA. PesentiG. MantovaniE. FerrazziM. Arosio + Article (author) -
Influence of biochemical diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency on replacement therapy response and retesting results at adult height 15-lug-2021 Rodari G.Profka E.Giacchetti F.Arosio M.Giavoli C. + Article (author) -
GH Deficiency and Replacement Therapy in Hypopituitarism: Insight Into the Relationships With Other Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axes 19-ott-2021 Profka E.Rodari G.Giacchetti F.Giavoli C. Article (author) -
Effect of Vitamin D and Docosahexaenoic Acid Co-Supplementation on Vitamin D Status, Body Composition, and Metabolic Markers in Obese Children: A Randomized, Double Blind, Controlled Study 1-gen-2022 Valentina De CosmiAlessandra MazzocchiGiulia Carla Immacolata SpolidoroGregorio P. MilaniSilvia ScaglioniClaudia GiavoliSilvia BergamaschiGiulia RodariEriselda ProfkaCarlo Agostoni + Article (author) -
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