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Development of an app for estimating leaf area index using a smartphone : Trueness and precision determination and comparison with other indirect methods 1-gen-2013 R. ConfalonieriM. FoiE. TonaE. MovediL. PaleariS. BregaglioG. CappelliM. ChiodiniC. FranconeN. FrassoT. StellaM. Acutis + Article (author) -
Improving in vivo plant nitrogen content estimates from digital images: trueness and precision of a new approach as compared to other methods and commercial devices 1-gen-2015 R. ConfalonieriL. PaleariE. MovediV. PaganiF. OrlandoM. FoiM. PesentiA. FerriG. RuggeriS. BocchiG.A. SacchiM. Acutis + Article (author) -
Estimating leaf area index in tree species using the PocketLAI smart app 1-gen-2015 F. OrlandoE. MovediL. PaleariC. GilardelliM. FoiR. Confalonieri + Article (author) -
PocketLAI: una smart-app per la determinazione in vigneto dei valori di LAI 1-gen-2016 Francesca OrlandoErmes MovediS. ParisiLucio BrancadoroR. Confalonieri + Book Part (author) -
Uncertainty in crop model predictions : What is the role of users? 1-lug-2016 R. ConfalonieriORLANDO, FRANCESCAL. PaleariSTELLA, TOMMASOGILARDELLI, CARLOMOVEDI, ERMESPAGANI, VALENTINAG. CappelliCONFALONIERI, ANDREAM. Acutis + Article (author) -
ISIde : A rice modelling platform for in silico ideotyping 1-ott-2016 L. PaleariS. BregaglioG. CappelliE. MovediR. Confalonieri Article (author) -
Estimating Leaf Area Index (LAI) in Vineyards Using the PocketLAI Smart-App 1-dic-2016 F. OrlandoE. MovediPARISI, SIMONE GABRIELEL. BrancadoroV. PaganiT. GuarneriR. Confalonieri + Article (author) -
Downstream Services for Rice Crop Monitoring in Europe : From Regional to Local Scale 1-gen-2017 R. ConfalonieriT. GuarneriE. MovediF. NutiniV. Pagani + Article (author) -
Surfing parameter hyperspaces under climate change scenarios to design future rice ideotypes 5-apr-2017 L. PaleariE. MovediG. CappelliR. Confalonieri + Article (author) -
Trait-based model development to support breeding programs : A case study for salt tolerance and rice 28-giu-2017 Livia PaleariErmes MovediRoberto Confalonieri Article (author) -
Improving cereal yield forecast in Europe - the impact of weather extremes 1-set-2017 Ermes MovediRoberto Confalonieri + Article (author) -
PocketPlant3D: Analysing canopy structure using a smartphone 1-dic-2017 R. ConfalonieriL. PaleariM. FoiE. MovediF.M. VeselyW. ThoelkeS. TartariniA. GhilardiL. Rossini + Article (author) -
Quantifying the accuracy of digital hemispherical photography for LAI estimates on broad-leaved tree species 1-apr-2018 C. GilardelliF. OrlandoE. MovediR. Confalonieri Article (author) -
An operational workflow to assess rice nutritional status based on satellite imagery and smartphone apps 1-nov-2018 Nutini F.Confalonieri R.Movedi E.Paleari L. + Article (author) -
Quantifying Uncertainty Due to Stochastic Weather Generators in Climate Change Impact Studies 1-gen-2019 Vesely F. M.Paleari L.Movedi E.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
Development of generic crop models for simulation of multi-species plant communities in mown grasslands 1-gen-2019 Movedi E.Paleari L.Vesely F.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
A high-resolution, integrated system for rice yield forecasting at district level 1-gen-2019 Pagani V.Guarneri T.Movedi E.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
Estimating crop nutritional status using smart apps to support nitrogen fertilization. A case study on paddy rice 25-feb-2019 Paleari L.Movedi E.Vesely F. M.Thoelke W.Tartarini S.Foi M.Nutini F.Confalonieri R. + Article (author) -
Analysis and modeling of processes involved with salt tolerance and rice 16-mag-2019 Tartarini S.Paleari L.Movedi E.Sacchi G. A.Nocito F. F.Confalonieri R. Article (author) -
Tailoring parameter distributions to specific germplasm : impact on crop model-based ideotyping 1-dic-2019 L. PaleariE. MovediF. M. VeselyR. Confalonieri Article (author) -
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