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Cytoreductive prostate radiotherapy in oligometastatic prostate cancer: A single centre analysis of toxicity and clinical outcome 1-gen-2017 RIVA, GIULIAMarvaso, GiuliaAUGUGLIARO, MATTEOZERINI, DARIOMusi, GennaroDe Cobelli, OttavioOrecchia, RobertoJereczek-Fossa, Barbara Alicja + Article (author) -
CyberKnife radiotherapy for orbital metastases : a single-center experience on 24 lesions 1-gen-2019 Riva, GiuliaAugugliaro, MatteoOrecchia, RobertoJereczek-Fossa, Barbara Alicja + Article (author) -
Recurrent oligometastatic transitional cell bladder carcinoma: is there room for radiotherapy? 15-gen-2019 Augugliaro, MMarvaso, GDe Cobelli, OOrecchia, RJereczek-Fossa, B Alicja + Article (author) -
Radioablation +/- hormonotherapy for prostate cancer oligorecurrences (Radiosa trial): Potential of imaging and biology (AIRC IG-22159) 10-set-2019 Marvaso G.Gandini S.Zerini D.Rojas D. P.Augugliaro M.Pece S.Mazzocco K.Mistretta F. A.Musi G.Petralia G.Pravettoni G.De Cobelli O.Di Fiore P. P.Viale G.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Salvage high-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy for perineal recurrence of prostate cancer after surgery and radiotherapy : A case report 1-gen-2020 Augugliaro M.de Cobelli O.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Mixed-beam approach for high-risk prostate cancer : Carbon-ion boost followed by photon intensity-modulated radiotherapy. Dosimetric and geometric evaluations (AIRC IG-14300) 1-gen-2020 Marvaso G.Zerini D.Augugliaro M.Vischioni B.Valvo F.Giandini T.Avuzzi B.Valdagni R.De Cobelli O.Jereczek-Fossa B. A.Orecchia R. + Article (author) -
Machine Learning-Based Models for Prediction of Toxicity Outcomes in Radiotherapy 5-giu-2020 Isaksson, Lars J.Marvaso, GiuliaVolpe, StefaniaCorrao, GiuliaAugugliaro, MatteoOrecchia, RobertoJereczek-Fossa, Barbara A. + Article (author) -
Adjuvant radiotherapy in node positive prostate cancer patients: a debate still on. when, for whom? 24-set-2020 Marvaso G.Gandini S.Mazzola G. C.Augugliaro M.Franzetti J.Zerini D.Pepa M.Luzzago S.Mistretta F. A.Musi G.De Cobelli O.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Carotid blowout syndrome after reirradiation for head and neck malignancies: a comprehensive systematic review for a pragmatic multidisciplinary approach 1-nov-2020 Volpe S.Ferrari A.Vischioni B.Gandini S.Marvaso G.Augugliaro M.Durante S.Arculeo S.Patti F.Casbarra A.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
The T-N tract involvement as a new prognostic factor for PORT in locally advanced oral cavity tumors 1-gen-2021 Augugliaro M.Tagliabue M.Gandini S.Marvaso G.Ferrari A.Volpe S.Zerella M. A.Oneta O.Alessandro O.Ruju F.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Adjuvant high-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy for malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the foot: A case report 1-gen-2021 Augugliaro M.Durante S.Dicuonzo S.Cambria R.Comi S.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Three weekly versus weekly concurrent cisplatin: safety propensity score analysis on 166 head and neck cancer patients 1-gen-2021 Maddalo M.Gerardi M. A.Augugliaro M.Marvaso G.Costa L.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Oligorecurrent Prostate Cancer and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy: Where Are We Now? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Prospective Studies 1-gen-2021 Marvaso G.Volpe S.Pepa M.Augugliaro M.Zaffaroni M.Mistretta F. A.Luzzago S.Musi G.Petralia G.Pravettoni G.De Cobelli O.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Oligo metastatic renal cell carcinoma : stereotactic body radiation therapy, if, when and how? 1-gen-2021 Marvaso G.Oneta O.Pepa M.Zaffaroni M.Zerini D.Mazzola G. C.Augugliaro M.La Fauci F.Luzzago S.Musi G.De Cobelli O.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Exploring mirna signature and other potential biomarkers for oligometastatic prostate cancer characterization: The biological challenge behind clinical practice : a narrative review 1-gen-2021 Zaffaroni M.Augugliaro M.Volpe S.Pepa M.Pece S.Mistretta F. A.Luzzago S.Musi G.Tordonato C.Gandini S.Petralia G.Pravettoni G.De Cobelli O.Viale G.Orecchia R.Marvaso G.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Re: Outcomes of Observation vs Stereotactic Ablative Radiation for Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer: The ORIOLE Phase 2 Randomized Clinical Trial 1-giu-2021 Augugliaro M.Pepa M.Marvaso G.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. Article (author) -
Therapeutic Sequences in the Treatment of High-Risk Prostate Cancer: Paving the Way Towards Multimodal Tailored Approaches 4-ago-2021 Marvaso G.Zaffaroni M.Pepa M.Augugliaro M.Volpe S.Musi G.Luzzago S.Mistretta F. A.Verri E.Petralia G.De Cobelli O.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
The impact of post-operative radiotherapy in early stage (Pt1-pT2N0M0) oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma in era of DOI 28-set-2021 Volpe S.Augugliaro M.Gandini S.Calabrese L.Farneti A.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
IMRT versus 2D/3D conformal RT in oropharyngeal cancer: A review of the literature and meta-analysis 1-ott-2021 Augugliaro M.Marvaso G.Gandini S.Bellerba F.Cinquini M.Fanetti G.Durante S.Dicuonzo S.Orecchia R.Jereczek-Fossa B. A. + Article (author) -
Mixed-Beam Approach for High-Risk Prostate Cancer Carbon-Ion Boost Followed by Photon Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy: Preliminary Results of Phase II Trial AIRC-IG-14300 17-nov-2021 Marvaso G.Vischioni B.Pepa M.Zaffaroni M.Volpe S.Patti F.Bellerba F.Zerini D.Augugliaro M.Russo S.Molinelli S.Valvo F.Giandini T.Avuzzi B.Valdagni R.De Cobelli O.Jereczek-Fossa B. A.Orecchia R. + Article (author) -
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