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Using sparse coding for landmark localization in facial expressions 1-dic-2014 V. CuculoR. LanzarottiG. Boccignone Book Part (author) -
The Color of Smiling : Computational Synaesthesia of Facial Expressions 21-ago-2015 V. CuculoR. LanzarottiG. Boccignone Book Part (author) -
Virtual EMG via Facial Video Analysis 1-gen-2017 G. BoccignoneV. CuculoG. GrossiR. LanzarottiR. Migliaccio Book Part (author) -
Taking the Hidden Route: Deep Mapping of Affect via 3D Neural Networks 1-gen-2017 C. CerutiV. CuculoA. D’AmelioG. GrossiR. Lanzarotti Book Part (author) -
A Note on Modelling a Somatic Motor Space for Affective Facial Expressions 1-gen-2017 D'AMELIO, ALESSANDROV. CuculoG. GrossiR. LanzarottiJ. Lin Book Part (author) -
AMHUSE: A Multimodal dataset for HUmour SEnsing 1-nov-2017 G. BoccignoneV. CuculoR. Lanzarotti + Book Part (author) -
Personality Gaze Patterns Unveiled via Automatic Relevance Determination 1-gen-2018 Vittorio CuculoAlessandro D’AmelioRaffaella LanzarottiGiuseppe Boccignone Book Part (author) -
Deep construction of an affective latent space via multimodal enactment 1-dic-2018 Giuseppe BoccignoneVittorio CuculoAlessandro D'AmelioGiuliano GrossiRaffaella Lanzarotti + Article (author) -
Give Ear to My Face: Modelling Multimodal Attention to Social Interactions 1-gen-2019 Boccignone, GiuseppeCuculo, VittorioD’Amelio, AlessandroGrossi, GiulianoLanzarotti, Raffaella Book Part (author) -
OpenFACS: An Open Source FACS-Based 3D Face Animation System 1-gen-2019 Cuculo V.D'Amelio A. Book Part (author) -
Social traits from stochastic paths in the core affect space 1-gen-2019 Boccignone, GiuseppeCuculo, VittorioD'Amelio, AlessandroLanzarotti, Raffaella Book Part (author) -
Robust single-sample face recognition by sparsity-driven sub-dictionary learning using deep features 3-gen-2019 Vittorio CuculoAlessandro D'AmelioGiuliano GrossiRaffaella LanzarottiJianyi Lin Article (author) -
Predictive Sampling of Facial Expression Dynamics Driven by a Latent Action Space 1-mag-2019 Boccignone G.Bodini M.Cuculo V.Grossi G. Book Part (author) -
Problems with Saliency Maps 1-set-2019 Boccignone, GiuseppeCuculo, VittorioD’Amelio, Alessandro Book Part (author) -
Worldly eyes on video: Learnt vs. reactive deployment of attention to dynamic stimuli 1-set-2019 Cuculo V.D'Amelio A.Grossi G.Lanzarotti R. Book Part (author) -
Gender recognition in the wild with small sample size : A dictionary learning approach 1-gen-2020 D'Amelio A.Cuculo V.Bursic S. Book Part (author) -
How to look next? A data-driven approach for scanpath prediction 1-gen-2020 Boccignone G.Cuculo V.D'Amelio A. Book Part (author) -
Anomaly detection from log files using unsupervised deep learning 1-gen-2020 Bursic S.Cuculo V.D'Amelio A. Book Part (author) -
On Gaze Deployment to Audio-Visual Cues of Social Interactions 2-set-2020 Boccignone G.Cuculo V.D'Amelio A.Grossi G.Lanzarotti R. Article (author) -
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