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Using olive mill wastewater to improve performance in producing electricity from domestic wastewater by using single-chamber microbial fuel cell 1-nov-2013 A. TencaG. MerlinoM. BarbatoS. BorinV. GaravagliaF. AdaniPEPE' SCIARRIA, TOMMY + Article (author) -
Energia elettrica dalle acque di vegetazione del frantoio grazie alle celle microbiche 1-gen-2014 F. AdaniT. Pepè Sciarria Article (author) -
Iron chelates as low-cost and effective electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells 1-gen-2014 T. P. SciarriaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Electricity generation using white and red wine lees in air cathode microbial fuel cells 1-gen-2015 T. Pepe SciarriaG. MerlinoB. ScagliaS. BorinF. Adani + Article (author) -
Dark fermentation, anaerobic digestion and microbial fuel cells : an integrated system to valorize swine manure and rice bran 1-gen-2016 A. SchievanoB. ScagliaS. SalatiF. AdaniPEPE' SCIARRIA, TOMMY + Article (author) -
Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) production from fermented cheese whey by using a mixed microbial culture 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, BIANCAT. Pepé SciarriaB. ScagliaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Electro-fermentation – merging electrochemistry with fermentation in industrial applications 1-nov-2016 A. SchievanoPEPE' SCIARRIA, TOMMY + Article (author) -
Power generation using a low-cost sulfated zirconium oxide based cathode in single chamber microbial fuel cells 1-gen-2017 T. Pepè SciarriaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Enhanced polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste by using mixed microbial culture 22-ago-2017 B. ColomboFAVINI, FRANCESCAB. ScagliaT. Pepè SciarriaG. D'ImporzanoPOGNANI, MICHELEALEKSEEVA, ANNAF. Adani + Article (author) -
Effect of suspended solids and its role on struvite formation from digested manure 1-gen-2018 Sciarria, Tommy PepèAdani, Fabrizio + Article (author) -
Bio-electrorecycling of carbon dioxide into bioplastics 1-ago-2018 T. Pepè SciarriaB. ScagliaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Nutrient recovery and energy production from digestate using microbial electrochemical technologies (METs) 1-gen-2019 T. Pepe' SciarriaF. TamboneL. TrombinoF. Adani + Article (author) -
Monitoring microbial communities' dynamics during the start-up of microbial fuel cells by high-throughput screening techniques 1-mar-2019 T. Pepè SciarriaStefania ArioliGiorgio GargariDiego MoraFabrizio Adani Article (author) -
Biohydrogen and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) as products of a two-steps bioprocess from deproteinized dairy wastes 15-lug-2019 Pepe Sciarria T.Scaglia B.D'Imporzano G.Adani F. + Article (author) -
Phosphorus removal from livestock effluents: recent technologies and new perspectives on low-cost strategies 1-gen-2020 S. ZangariniT. Pepè SciarriaF. TamboneF. Adani Article (author) -
Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of the Crude Extracts of Raw and Fermented Tomato Pomace and Their Correlations with Aglycate-Polyphenols Parisa Abbasi-Parizad 1-feb-2020 Parisa Abbasi ParizadPatrizia De NisiFabrizio AdaniTommy Pepe' SciarriaPietro SquillaceAlessio ScarafoniStefania IamettiBarbara Scaglia Article (author) -
Metal-free activated biochar as an oxygen reduction reaction catalyst in single chamber microbial fuel cells 30-giu-2020 T. Pepè SciarriaF. Adani + Article (author) -
Implementing polyhydroxyalkanoates production to anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste to diversify products and increase total energy recovery 1-dic-2020 Papa G.Pepe Sciarria T.Carrara A.Scaglia B.D'Imporzano G.Adani F. Article (author) -
Diversifying the products from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) by producing polyhydroxyalkanoates from the liquid fraction and biomethane from the residual solid fraction 1-gen-2022 Papa G.Pepe Sciarria T.Scaglia B.Adani F. Article (author) -
Contribution of Tamarix aphylla to soil organic matter evolution in a natural semi-desert area in Tunisia 1-gen-2022 Tambone F.Trombino L.Masseroli A.Zilio M.Pepe Sciarria T.Daffonchio D.Borin S.Marasco R.Adani F. + Article (author) -
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