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On the origin of primary aromatic amines in food packaging materials 1-gen-2015 M. GhaaniS. Farris + Article (author) -
Development of nanostructured electrochemical sensors for food packaging applications 24-set-2015 M. GhaaniS. Farris Conference Object -
Development of an electrochemical nanosensor for the determination of gallic acid in food 1-gen-2016 M. GhaaniS. Farris + Article (author) -
An overview of the intelligent packaging technologies in the food sector 1-mag-2016 M. GhaaniS. Farris + Article (author) -
Graphene Oxide Bionanocomposite Coatings with High Oxygen Barrier Properties 1-dic-2016 UYSAL UNALAN, ILKEM. GhaaniS. Farris + Article (author) -
Determination of 2,4-diaminotoluene by a bionanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode 1-gen-2018 Ghaani, MasoudRovera, CesareFarris, Stefano + Article (author) -
Mechanical behavior of biopolymer composite coatings on plastic films by depth-sensing indentation : a nanoscale study 15-feb-2018 C. RoveraM. GhaaniS. Farris + Article (author) -
Food Packaging Innovations- Electrochemical Nanosensors far Primary Aromatic Amines Quantification 11-mag-2018 GHAANI, MASOUD Doctoral Thesis -
Enzymatic hydrolysis in the green production of bacterial cellulose nanocrystals 4-giu-2018 C. RoveraM. GhaaniN. SantoD. RomanoS. Farris + Article (author) -
Migration of Primary Aromatic Amines From Food Packaging Materials 1-set-2018 Ghaani, MasoudFarris, Stefano Book Part (author) -
A bionanocomposite-modified glassy carbon electrode for the determination of 4,4′-methylene diphenyl diamine 14-set-2018 Ghaani, MasoudFarris, Stefano + Article (author) -
Nano-inspired oxygen barrier coatings for food packaging applications : An overview 1-mar-2020 Rovera, CesareGhaani, MasoudFarris, Stefano Article (author) -
Development of a nano-modified glassy carbon electrode for the determination of 2,6-diaminotoluene (TDA) 1-set-2021 Ghaani M.Farris S. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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