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iPSC-Based Models to Unravel Key Pathogenetic Processes Underlying Motor Neuron Disease Development 17-ott-2014 I. FaravelliE. FrattiniA. RamirezM. NizzardoS. Corti + Article (author) -
Morpholino antisense oligomer against SOD1 for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis therapy 1-gen-2015 F. RizzoG. UlziA. RamirezM. BucchiaA. BordoniG. ComiS. Corti + Conference Object -
Therapeutic applications of the cell-penetrating HIV-1 Tat peptide 1-gen-2015 M. NizzardoA. RamirezS. Corti + Article (author) -
Therapeutic Development in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 1-mar-2015 M. BucchiaA. RamirezC. SimoneM. NizzardoF. MagriS. DamettiS. Corti + Article (author) -
Experimental advances towards neural regeneration from induced stem cells to direct in vivo reprogramming 2-mag-2015 S. DamettiI. FaravelliA. RamirezM. NizzardoS. Corti + Article (author) -
Is spinal muscular atrophy a disease of the motor neurons only: pathogenesis and therapeutic implications? 1-gen-2016 C. SimoneA. RamirezM. BucchiaP. RinchettiD. PapadimitriouS. Corti + Article (author) -
iPSC-derived LewisX+CXCR4+β1-integrin+ neural stem cells improve the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis phenotype by preserving motor neurons and muscle innervation in human and rodent models 1-gen-2016 M. NizzardoM. BucchiaA. RamirezN. BresolinG.P. ComiS. Corti + Article (author) -
Morpholino-mediated SOD1 reduction ameliorates an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease phenotype 1-gen-2016 M. NizzardoC. SimoneF. RizzoG. UlziA. RamirezA. BordoniM. BucchiaN. BresolinG.P. ComiS. Corti + Article (author) -
Peptide-conjugated Morpholino Oligomers for treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy 11-giu-2016 A. RamirezM. RizzutiF. RizzoP. RinchettiM. BucchiaN. BresolinG. P. ComiS. CortiM. Nizzardo Conference Object -
Genome-wide RNA-seq and proteomic analysis of motor neurons indicates selective cytoskeletal perturbation in Brown-Vialetto disease, partially rescued by riboflavin 1-apr-2017 F. RizzoA. RamirezS. SalaniA. BordoniF. FortunatoN. BresolinG.P. ComiM. NizzardoS. Corti + Article (author) -
Investigation of new morpholino oligomers to increase survival motor neuron protein levels in spinal muscular atrophy 1-gen-2018 Ramirez, AgneseCRISAFULLI, SEBASTIANO GIUSEPPERizzuti, MafaldaBresolin, NereoComi, Giacomo P.Corti, StefaniaNizzardo, Monica Article (author) -
CSF transplantation of a specific iPSC-derived neural stem cell subpopulation ameliorates the disease phenotype in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress type 1 1-nov-2019 Nizzardo, MonicaBucchia, MonicaRamirez, AgneseBresolin, NereoComi, Giacomo PietroCorti, Stefania + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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