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Nonlocal diffusion and applications 1-gen-2016 C. BucurE. Valdinoci Book (author) -
Some observations on the Green function for the ball in the fractional Laplace framework 1-mar-2016 C. Bucur Article (author) -
An extension problem for the fractional derivative defined by Marchaud 1-ago-2016 C. Bucur + Article (author) -
Potential theory approach to Schauder estimates for the Fractional Laplacian 1-feb-2017 C. Bucur + Article (author) -
Local density of Caputo-stationary functions in the space of smooth functions 1-ott-2017 C. Bucur Article (author) -
Essentials of Nonlocal Operators 1-gen-2018 Bucur, Claudia Book Part (author) -
Asymptotic mean value properties for fractional anisotropic operators 1-gen-2018 Bucur C. + Article (author) -
Complete stickiness of nonlocal minimal surfaces for small values of the fractional parameter 1-gen-2018 Bucur, ClaudiaLOMBARDINI, LUCAValdinoci, Enrico Article (author) -
A fractional elliptic problem in Rn with critical growth and convex nonlinearities 1-gen-2019 Bucur C. + Article (author) -
The stickiness phenomena of nonlocal minimal surfaces: New results and a comparison with the classical case 31-dic-2019 C. Bucur Article (author) -
On the mean value property of fractional harmonic functions 1-gen-2020 Bucur C.Dipierro S.Valdinoci E. Article (author) -
Minimisers of a fractional seminorm and nonlocal minimal surfaces 1-gen-2020 Bucur C.Dipierro S.Lombardini L.Valdinoci E. Article (author) -
A symmetry result in R2 for global minimizers of a general type of nonlocal energy 1-gen-2020 Bucur C. Article (author) -
Approximate convexity principles and applications to PDEs in convex domains 1-gen-2020 C. Bucur + Article (author) -
s, p-Harmonic Approximation of Functions of Least Wˢˡ-Seminorm 1-gen-2021 Bucur, ClaudiaDipierro, SerenaLombardini, LucaValdinoci, Enrico + Article (author) -
An asymptotic expansion for the fractional p -Laplacian and for gradient-dependent nonlocal operators 1-gen-2021 Bucur C. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 17 di 17
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