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Renal response and acid–base balance alterations during furosemide administration 1-gen-2013 L. ZazzeronD. OttolinaE. ScottiM. FerrariC. RovatiL. GattinoniP. Caironi + Article (author) -
Strong ion difference and arterial bicarbonate concentration as cornerstones of the impact of fluid therapy on acid-base balance 1-gen-2013 D. OttolinaM. FerrariL. ZazzeronE. ScottiROVATI, CRISTINAL. GattinoniP. Caironi + Article (author) -
Effects of intravenous solutions on acid-base equilibrium : from crystalloids to colloids and blood components 1-gen-2014 T. LangerM. FerrariL. ZazzeronL. GattinoniP. Caironi Article (author) -
Urinary electrolyte monitoring in the critically ill: revisiting renal physiology 1-gen-2015 P. CaironiT. LangerM. Ferrari Book Part (author) -
Pulse pressure variation : driving airway pressure ratio to predict fluid responsiveness in mechanically-ventilated patients 27-mag-2015 M. FerrariD. ChiumelloA. ProttiL. Gattinoni + Conference Object -
Real-time urinary electrolyte monitoring after furosemide administration in surgical ICU patients with normal renal function 22-lug-2016 L. ZazzeronD. OttolinaE. ScottiM. FerrariL. Gattinoni + Article (author) -
Rinforzo di moncone bronchiale post pneumonectomia mediante limbo di muscolo intercostale 1-ott-2019 S. MohamedS. PieropanC. DiottiV. MussoM. FerrariE. Daffre’M. Nosotti + Conference Object -
Nutritional status and lung transplantation : an intriguing problem 1-feb-2020 Nosotti, MarioFerrari, Michele Article (author) -
Management of intrathoracic phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor by nonintubated uniportal video-assisted thoracic surgery in a fragile patient 1-gen-2021 Ferrari M.Palleschi A.Croci G. A. + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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