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AAAI 2001 Spring Symposium Series Reports 1-mar-2001 Provetti A. + Book (editor) -
Specification and execution of policies for grid service selection 1-gen-2004 Provetti A. + Book Part (author) -
Declarative web data extraction and annotation 1-gen-2006 Marchi M.Provetti A. + Book Part (author) -
Aggregating Information and Enforcing Awareness Across Communities with the Dynamo RSS Feeds Creation Engine: Preliminary Report 1-gen-2006 F. De CindioPROVETTI, ALESSANDROL.A. Ripamonti + Book Part (author) -
BOF'07 Between Ontologies and Folksonomies 2007 1-gen-2007 D. MaggioriniA. ProvettiL. A. Ripamonti Book (editor) -
Adaptive Web Data Extraction Policies 1-apr-2008 Marchi M.Provetti A. + Article (author) -
Experimental Analysis of Graph-based Answer Set Computation over Parallel and Distributed Architectures 1-gen-2009 G. GrossiA. Provetti + Article (author) -
Flexible interpolated-binary search over sorted sets 1-set-2009 F. PaganoA. Provetti + Conference Object -
Knowledge representation in virtual teams: a perspective approach for synthetic worlds 1-gen-2010 D. MaggioriniA. ProvettiL.A. Ripamonti + Book Part (author) -
Formalization and automated reasoning about a complex signalling network 1-gen-2011 Provetti A. + Book Part (author) -
RDF annotation of second life objects : knowledge representation meets social virtual reality 1-gen-2014 D. MaggioriniA. ProvettiL. Ripamonti + Article (author) -
On facebook, most ties are weak 1-nov-2014 Provetti A. + Article (author) -
Analysis of a heterogeneous social network of humans and cultural objects 1-gen-2015 Agreste S.Provetti A. + Article (author) -
MORE: Merged opinions reputation model 1-gen-2015 Provetti A. + Book Part (author) -
Adaptive search over sorted sets 1-gen-2015 Pagano F.Provetti A. + Article (author) -
Proceedings - 12th International Conference on Signal Image Technology and Internet-Based Systems, SITIS 2016 1-gen-2017 Provetti A.Damiani E. + Book (editor) -
Proceedings of the International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science, CloudCom 1-lug-2018 Provetti A. + Book (editor) -
Potential gain as a centrality measure 1-gen-2019 Provetti A. + Book Part (author) -
Exploring Low-degree nodes first accelerates Network Exploration 1-gen-2020 Provetti A. + Book Part (author) -
A general centrality framework based on node navigability 1-nov-2020 Alessandro Provetti + Article (author) -
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