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Activation of cyclophosphamide by freeze-dried microsomes as an in vitro test of cytogenetic damage 1-dic-1982 E. DolfiniL. LarizzaA. M. Fuhrman Conti + Article (author) -
Cytogenetic analysis and muscle differentiation in a girl with severe muscular dystrophy 1-giu-1986 G. MeolaE. ScarpiniG. ScarlatoL. LarizzaA. F. Conti + Article (author) -
A comparative analysis of collagen III, IV, laminin and fibronectin in Duchenne muscular dystrophy biopsies and cell cultures 1-ott-1986 G. MeolaA. M. ContiL. Larizza + Article (author) -
Liability to chromosome damage in lymphocytes of "cancer family" subjects: a study of spontaneous and induced chromosomal fragility 1-gen-1987 L. LarizzaL. DonedaV. GualandriA. Fuhrman Conti + Article (author) -
Mosaicism in the C-banded region of chromosome 1 in cancer families 1-ago-1987 L. DonedaA. F. ContiV. GualandriL. Larizza Article (author) -
Hypertonic stress induces c-fos but not c-jun expression in the human embryonal EUE epithelial cell line 1-dic-1995 A. M. Fuhrman ContiL. Larizza + Article (author) -
FISH characterization of the Xq21 breakpoint in a translocation carrier with premature ovarian failure 1-ott-1996 P. RivaI. MagnaniA. M. Fuhrman ContiL. Larizza + Article (author) -
Chromosomal instability in fibroblasts and mesenchymal tumors from 2 sibs with Rothmund-Thomson syndrome 12-ago-1998 M. MiozzoP. RivaA. M. Fuhrman ContiL. VolpiL. Larizza + Article (author) -
First cytogenetic study of a recurrent familial chordoma of the clivus 31-mar-1999 M. MiozzoP. RivaM. VolontèL. LarizzaA. M. Fuhrman Conti + Article (author) -
19p deletion in recurring leiomyosarcoma lesions from the same patient 1-giu-2000 P. RivaV. GualandriM. VolontèM. MiozzoA. F. ContiL. Larizza + Article (author) -
A tumor suppressor locus in familial and sporadic chordoma maps to 1p36 1-lug-2000 M. MiozzoP. RivaM. VolontèF. MacciardiL. LarizzaA. M. Fuhrman Conti + Article (author) -
The neural progenitor-restricted isoform of the MARK4 gene in 19q13.2 is upregulated in human gliomas and overexpressed in a subset of glioblastoma cell lines 1-mag-2003 A. BeghiniI. MagnaniG. RoversiA.M. Fuhrman ContiL. Larizza + Article (author) -
Mapping of candidate region for chordoma development to 1p36.13 by LOH analysis 10-nov-2003 P. RivaORZAN, FRANCESCAA.M. Fuhrman ContiM. MiozzoL. Larizza + Article (author) -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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