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Nanoscale structural response of ganglioside-containing aggregates to the interaction with sialidase 1-gen-2011 E. Del FaveroP. BroccaS. MottaV. RondelliS. SonninoL. Cantù Article (author) -
Reflectivity from floating bilayers: can we keep the structural asymmetry? 1-gen-2012 V. RondelliE. Del FaveroL. Cantu' + Article (author) -
Ganglioside GM1 forces the redistribution of cholesterol in a biomimetic membrane 1-nov-2012 V. RondelliS. MottaE. Del FaveroP. BroccaS. SonninoL. Cantù + Article (author) -
Neutrons for rafts, rafts for neutrons 1-gen-2013 V. RondelliE. Del FaveroS. MottaL. CantùP. Brocca + Article (author) -
Nanoscale structure of protamine/DNA complexes for gene delivery 5-feb-2013 S. MottaP. BroccaE. Del FaveroV. RondelliL. Cantù + Article (author) -
Optimizing the crowding strategy: Sugar-based ionic micelles in the dilute-to-condensed regime 1-gen-2014 E. Del FaveroP. BroccaV. RondelliS. MottaL. Cantu' + Article (author) -
Interaction of mutated A-beta peptides with single 'raft' model membrane 1-gen-2015 Rondelli valeriaCantù lauraDel Favero + Dataset -
Doxycycline hinders phenylalanine fibril assemblies revealing a potential novel therapeutic approach in phenylketonuria 29-ott-2015 MARIANI, ALESSANDROV. RondelliP. BroccaE. Del FaveroL. Cantù + Article (author) -
Investigation of Phenylketonuria molecular basis : focus on phenylalanine interaction with model membranes 1-gen-2016 Paola BroccaValeria RondelliElena Del faveroLaura Cantu + Dataset -
Niosomes as Drug Nanovectors: Multiscale pH-Dependent Structural Response 9-feb-2016 E. Del FaveroL. CantùP. BroccaV. Rondelli + Article (author) -
Hyaluronate nanoparticles included in polymer films for the prolonged release of vitamin E for the management of skin wounds 15-feb-2016 V. Rondelli + Article (author) -
Amyloidβ Peptides in interaction with raft-mime model membranes : a neutron reflectivity insight 16-feb-2016 V. RondelliP. BroccaS. MottaM. MessaL. CantuE. Del Favero + Article (author) -
What the cell surface does not see: the gene vector under the protein corona 1-mag-2016 S. MottaV. RondelliL. Cantu’E. Del FaveroM. AureliP. Brocca + Article (author) -
The nasal delivery of nanoencapsulated statins : an approach for brain delivery 1-dic-2016 E. Del FaveroV. RondelliL. Cantù + Article (author) -
The A2V mutation as a new tool for hindering Aβ aggregation: A neutron and x-ray diffraction study 1-gen-2017 L. CantuV. RondelliE. Del Favero + Article (author) -
Chitosan-coupled Solid Lipid Nanoparticles : tuning nanostructure and mucoadhesion 1-gen-2017 P. BroccaV. RondelliL. CantùE. Del Favero + Article (author) -
Water response to ganglioside GM1 surface remodelling 1-gen-2017 P. BroccaV. RondelliE. Del FaveroM. CortiL. Cantù + Article (author) -
pH-sensitive niosomes : effects on cytotoxicity and on inflammation and pain in murine models 23-gen-2017 E. Del FaveroV. Rondelli + Article (author) -
Building a biomimetic membrane for neutron reflectivity investigation : complexity, asymmetry and contrast 29-apr-2017 V. RondelliP. BroccaE. Del FaveroL. Cantù + Article (author) -
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